Haneen Zuabi, Gaza flotilla humanitarian, very courageous.

This woman is very heroic.  She insisted on addressing the Israeli Knessett and said some amazing things and put up with some pretty bad verbal abuse from her fellow politicians. Check it out:

Her statement followed a heated Knesset debate about the IDF flotilla raid.  The debate, which at times verged in a brawl, was brought to an end when Deputy Defense Minister, MK Matan Vilnai proposed that the debate be moved to the foreign affairs committee as it was “serving no useful purpose.”

After the debate, Rivlin invited Zuabi to make her statement.

The invitation to Zuabi, led to a breakout of fierce verbal altercations, resulting in the ejection of Kadima MK Eli Aflalo, Balad MK Jamal Zahalka and Israel Beiteinu MK Anastasia Michaeli.

Several more MKs were ejected during Zuabi’s speech. Ironically some of the ejected MKs subsequently returned to the chamber, continuing to cause a commotion and receiving further verbal warnings from Rivlin.

Referring to the earlier debate, Zuabi said she was “astonished by the incitement and despised the words she had heard.”

She said that she had agreed to participate in the flotilla as it was a “political human and moral ‘mitzva’ to oppose the imprisonment of 1.5 million people.”

She described the blockade of Gaza as an “illegal, inhuman, illegitimate siege opposed by every politician who has a moral position… …only the immoral support the blockade.” 

Zuabi described the raid on the flotilla as a “pirate operation that was criminal and against international law.”

She attacked the film of the raid that the IDF released: “Why does the Israeli government oppose an inquiry? Why does it oppose revealing the truth? Why did you take journalists’ cameras? Why did you only publish the pictures linked to the IDF operation, Why didn’t you publicize film of the ten men who died?.”

She criticized those attacking her, saying “Who is the criminal?  Did I murder anyone?”.

At this point an MK shouted “check if she has a knife” resulting in uproar.

Soon after this Knesset speaker Rivlin ended the debate, saying Zuabi had been given ample time to make her statement.

Speaking in the angry debate that took place prior to her statement, MK Arieh Eldad (National Union) called Israeli Arabs “enemies of Israel”, Kadima MK Yulia Shamalov Berkovitz said the Arab parties’ Knesset members were “parliamentary spies”.

Israel Beiteinu MK David Rotem said that “Arab MKs do not represent the Arab citizens, they represent terror organizations in Gaza.”

Rotem went on to suggest that Arab Israelis “look up at the observation decks and see a model for behavior” they should emulate.  The observation deck was lined with Druze elders.

At the other end of the spectrum, MK Dov Henin (Hadash) said that the debate was “A low point in the history of the Knesset.”

Henin went on to warn of the consequences of the blockade, saying, “Gaza will not go away even if you close your eyes.”



12 Responses to “Haneen Zuabi, Gaza flotilla humanitarian, very courageous.”

  1. 2 Joseph Smith June 3, 2010 at 1:08 am


    Aside the peace activists, on the board of Navi Marmara ship were 50 members of the Turkish radical IHH “charity” organization with some links to Al Qaeda.

    IHH was mentioned during the trial of Ahmed Ressam held in the US in 2000 (Ressam was a senior Al-Qaeda operative active in Canada, who at the end of 1999 entered the US in a car carrying 600 kilograms (1320 pounds) of explosives. He planned to carry out a mass-casualty attack at the Los Angeles Airport on the eve of the millennium.

  2. 3 Xain Mosawe June 3, 2010 at 1:50 am

    In my opinion there were no such elements in its entirety in this peace flotilla, between it was Israelites only fear and the fascist approach leading to this mischief. Israel is a terrorist state. it has been killing Palestinians since it has come into the map of the Globe. However it has been trying to secure sympathy thru its toolings stuffs like holocast and other baseless proclamations. Moreover blaming one by saying he or she is related to Al-Qaeda thing is nowadays the easiest tool to grab his or her collar as it has been corollarized for such misdoings by the so called war against terrorism protagonsits. it is a double standard game being played by the pro-zionists.

    And i appreciate the Mormon blog as most of its analysis is stuffed with things from which prejudice is expurgates!!!

  3. 4 theradicalmormon June 3, 2010 at 3:49 am

    Agreed Xain. Surely the Zionists prepared their arguements in advance and propaganda ahead of time and they play to whatever sympathies they can get from the west. There are all these pillow words they need merely to drop in order to change the fickle minds of the well trained masses, trained to react to these words with the predicted response. Already, in D.C., masses of US politicians are defending the massacre, with VP Joe Biden even defending it! The fact remains that their military attacked a civilian ship in international waters, illegal under many different laws, but they have become the victims instead of the criminals.

  4. 5 Kevin June 4, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    Yeah, after the event I thought I was clear about had occurred. Fascist piracy in international waters.

    But just reading the word Al-qaeda from the keyboard of Joseph Smith, no less, causes me to reconsider. As if I were programmed to do so.

  5. 6 Joseph June 7, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    To the fake J.S. above (I’m not saying that’s not your name, just you seem pretty fake to me),

    There are those who I am glad to share my name with. You don’t impress me as being one of them.

    So you’ve got a corner on THE TRUTH, huh? You’re gonna need more evidence for that then what you’ve given.

    “Some links” to Al Quaeda? What’s that supposed to mean, and why should I care? I still haven’t seen any evidence that justifies what happened to 10 people trying to take food to hungry people. Wasn’t this an Israeli military operation? Didn’t they have enough training to stop an unarmed boat from breaking through their illegal (and more importantly, immoral) blockade?

    Israel has really lost my sympathy (whatever of it that was left) with these murders.

  6. 8 esthetic June 9, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Hey guys look at the freedom of speech raised Helen. You know guys its ia good tool to unearth the loggerheads around. It is very mcuh prolific and works well but there is one defect that is the hypocrisy thing.
    However, Helen should say thanks to Israel, and celebrate this day as day of deliverance as she has just got retired btw she is enjoying a lovely life… huh freedom of speech!!

  7. 9 Joseph June 10, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    I think we learned what Israel thinks of free speech when Noam Chomsky was blocked from entering the Gaza strip. And it looks like Israel’s planning pogroms against non-Jewish MP’s. Israel is now just as Fascist as Germany was under the Nazis. Maybe more so.

  8. 10 Joseph June 10, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    And yes, Haneen Zuabi is very courageous. She serves as an example, I think, of the courage that will likely be necessary here in the U.S. if the tea-party keeps gaining power.

  9. 11 theradicalmormon June 11, 2010 at 6:22 am

    I always get a chuckle out of it when we proclaim so loudly that Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. The freedoms of the Arab minority are so curtailed.

  10. 12 Do You Like Worms? June 16, 2010 at 2:59 am

    lol @ the teaparty reference…. really?

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