What do free speech, food and medicine have in common? Israel doesn’t let the Palestinians have them.

Israel has refused entry into the West Bank of Noam Chomsky who was due to speak at a West Bank university. He was told the reason is that Israel doesn’t like the things he says.  For the record, he has never called for violence against Israel, or called for the dissolution of the Israeli state. He stands by a two state solution. Essentially, this is Israel clamping down on free speech and academic freedom. The last time Chomsky was not allowed access into a country, was in 1968 when he was not allowed to enter Czechoslovakia and was stopped by the Soviets.



Another entity not being allowed access into Palestinian territories is the Free Gaza group’s boats full of aid to Gaza.  Israel has said that it will stop the shipments and says that the shipments are a provocation and a breech of Israeli law. Of course, no mention is made of the fact that a naval blockade is tantamount to an act of war. Israel has gone so far as to complain to European diplomats to control their citizens so that they will not try to bring food and medicine to poor palestinians through their illegal act of war naval blockade.



2 Responses to “What do free speech, food and medicine have in common? Israel doesn’t let the Palestinians have them.”

  1. 1 Joseph May 18, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    Very troubling. That’s pretty amazing that a country can block someone from crossing a border just because “the government doesn’t like what you say” and then claim to be a democracy. I mean, the U.S. does it, but they at least try to cover up with “well, that person’s a terrorist” and nonsense like that. Israel is just point blank saying: “Say what we want you to, say it where we want you to, or don’t bother coming.” That’s supposed to win Israel sympathy points? Not working with me!

  2. 2 SUNNofaB.C.Rich May 28, 2010 at 4:17 am

    oh well.

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