News about Israel you won’t read in the western press

There is so much that our news organizations decline to report with regards to our solid ally in the middle east, Israel.  So much that is so horrendous about their human rights abuses which our media chooses to ignore in the midst of the sacred relationship status we grant to Israel as it tortures and kills Palestinians, wishing they would just go away.

Recently, for example, IDF shoots anyone in Gaza that comes within 300 meters of the fence between Israel and Gaza. Many farmers cannot till their land because of this. In this recent incident, a peace activist from Malta was also shot along with a few Gazans:

Malta officially protested with Israel after Ms Zammit, 28, was shot in the leg while filming a Palestinian protest against Israeli forces in Gaza. She was discharged from a Palestinian hospital on Tuesday and is expected to make a full recovery.

Fellow protester, 18-year-old Nidal Al Naji, and Hind Al Akra, 22, were injured along with Ms Zammit. They are now safely at home but will require a long convalescence.

The Israeli forces attacks in the Gaza zone continued and reports emerging from Palestinian human rights activists yesterday said another demonstrator, Ahmad Deeb, 21, was badly injured with a dumdum bullet that broke into shrapnel inside the body.

In the meantime, Israeli Navy boats continue to shoot Gazan fishermen like sitting ducks with no return fire… ever:

The Israeli navy has attacked Palestinian fishing boats, the latest in only part of Israel’s various measures to tighten the noose of its siege on the Gaza Strip.

The incident happened on Friday morning when Israeli forces opened “heavy fire” on Gazan fishing boats off the Rafah coast in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Ma’an news agency quoted the fishermen as saying. There were not any reports of casualties, it added.

An Israeli military official declined to verify the incident, but said the patrolling navy vessels would target the boats which would “cross” the fishing limit.

The International Middle East Media Center reported a similar Israeli attack on Tuesday on Palestinian fishermen who were working close to the coastline, inflicting damage on their boats.

The Goldstone report is one that looked even-handedly at the Israeli massacre of Gazans last January. It documented war crimes on both sides, by Hamas and by Israel. Since then, Goldstone has had no rest and now he will not be able to attend his own grandson’s Bar Mitzvah without the event being disrupted by right wing Jewish groups seeking to exact their Zionist revenge on anyone like Goldstone who tries to merely state plainly the facts.

Richard Goldstone, the former international war crimes prosecutor, is being forced to meet South African Jewish leaders to hear of their anger over a UN report in which he accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza. The meeting, which Goldstone did not seek, is effectively a condition for his being allowed to attend his grandson’s bar mitzvah in Johannesburg.

The renowned South African jurist, who works in Washington, was effectively barred from attending the traditional ceremony at an orthodox synagogue this month after Jewish groups threatened to disrupt it if Goldstone was present.

In the ensuing row, which spread from Johannesburg to America and Israel, Goldstone accused South Africa‘s chief rabbi, Warren Goldstein, of “brazenly politicising” the bar mitzvah.

The one bright note out of Gaza this last week was news of Dr. Abuelaish, who refuses to feel animosity to Israelis who killed 3 of his beautiful children last year in the Gaza massacre:

Throughout his moving narrative, the author of I Shall Not Hate does not waver. Where some who have suffered in the conflict have been consumed by fury and overtaken by a compulsion for revenge, obstetrician-gynecologist Izzeldin Abuelaish is steadfast in his rejection of violence and bloodshed.

This hard-to-put-down book relates how Abuelaish, now 55, and his family were shattered when, near the end of the Israeli Defence Force’s Operation Cast Lead, an Israeli tank shelled their home in Gaza on Jan. 16 last year, killing three of his daughters and a niece. They lived in a small apartment building Abuelaish had built with his brothers in Jabalia city to house the extended family.

His daughter Bessan, 22, had almost completed her business degree; Mayar, 15, the top math student in her school, was hoping to be a doctor; Aya, 14, the family poet, hoped to be a journalist. Their cousin Noor was 17.

In spite of his personal suffering – and the obstacles he faced commuting to work as the first Palestinian to hold a staff position as a doctor in an Israeli hospital – Abuelaish retains a profound belief in building bridges. Now living with his family and working in a hospital in Toronto, he remains committed “to move forward into light.”

Amazingly, near the end of the story in the Montreal Gazette, The Dr. notes that his family has been waiting for many years now to return to the land that was stolen from them in 1948… land which the late Ariel Sharon has turned into a cattle ranch. Yet, he seeks no retribution. What an inspiration this man is.


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