Israel murders Palestinians quietly through water deprivation too.

On international water day, it is fitting to point out how Israel has murdered countless Palestinian individuals, mostly children because of their susceptability to diarhea causing illnesses brought on by dirty water.  Israel diverts water from Palestinian lands to it’s illegal settlements so that they can have green lawns and full pools. Of course Israel also destroyed Gaza’s water treatment facility when they murdered many Gazans over a year ago too.  On top of this, Israel doesn’t allow building materials to enter Gaza that are needed to repair the water treatment facility that they destroyed!  This is both a war crime and an act of war, combined into one.

90-95% of Palestinian water is unfit for human consumption and yet Israel continues to obstruct water from reaching the populations that need it so. Israel demolishes some cisterns that are built to catch rain and doesn’t allow others to be built, refusing building permits. See the following report from Amnesty International on the difficulty of one village in getting water:

See this report from Common Dreams which also educates somewhat on the issue:

Israel continues to act outside of international law with full support from the USA.  Israel continues to murder innocents.


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