AIPAC’s power and our plutocracy.

Just a couple of points here.  The first regards Dennis Kucinich who was apparently invited to be the keynote speaker at the Palm Beach County Democratic Party’s fundraiser.  Wealthy fundraisers revolted at the news of Kucinich’s invitation to speak because of his perceived anti-Israeli political views.  Kucinich voluntarily withdrew from the invitation after he heard of the ruckus.  The clincher comes with Mark Alan Siegel, the County’s Democratic party chairman. 

“People feel he’s anti-Israel. I don’t read it that way, but the leadership of AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and other elements of the Jewish community do and I don’t want to get into an argument with them,” said Siegel, who is Jewish.

Do you get this folks?  AIPAC is too powerful to argue against.  Their position will always be maintained because of the power they weild over our political process.  Rare, honest men like Kucinich will be found, but will not be big enough to fight AIPAC.  We are a nation occupied by a foreign force, to whom we have sold our souls.

In other news, this study shows that 44% of congress members are millionaires, in contrast to 1% of the public they represent.  Now, it is expected that there will be a higher proportion of millionaires amongst a group of well-educated men and women that are smart enough to get to where they are in Congress.  However, the point that we should raise our eyebrows at is the fact that many of these members of congress owe part of their wealth to the fact that they own stock in Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, all companies that Congress decided to give billions of dollars of our tax dollars to.  Think about that for a little while.

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