Iran’s new nuclear facility

This story about the new uranium enrichment facility in Iran is a pretty bizzare one.  Iran is required to give notification to the IAEA 6 months before uranium enrichment at a facility and is not required to give notice before that.  Unless a nation has ratified the additional safeguards protocol, that is all that is required.  Iran hasn’t ratified the additional safeguards protocol and notified the IAEA 18 months ahead of scheduled uranium enrichment at it’s new plant and everyone is all up in arms saying that Iran is cheating the world and that the evidence is mounting that it has every intention to develope a nuclear weapons program etc.  Iran is within it’s responsibility under IAEA requirements.  The additional safeguards protocol hasn’t been ratified by many countries besides Iran including Canada.  The US is demanding that Iran open up it’s facility in 3 months to the IAEA for inspection, but it is not required to do so until 6 months ahead of scheduled enrichment which means it has about a year to allow for inspections to begin.  And, the US is making this demand after Iran has already notified the IAEA of the facility and stated that it will allow inspections.  Does anyone else feel like they are in some sort of bizzare alternate reality when you hear our government spouting this misinformation and complete nonsense?


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