Human rights are trampled in Honduras but the US remains silent and complicit.

One honduran democracy advocate was shot and killed and 5 others were shot and wounded in Tegulcigalpa.  Thousands of others were terrorized outside the Brazillian embassy as they were attacked by riot police with tear gas and batons.  Many were treated for bruises and broken bones.  Peaceful democracy advocates are being beaten and terrorized as the usurping coup elite (secret combination) trample the rights of their citizens and the USA stands idly by only giving lip service to true democracy in the Honduras.

A man was shot dead in a clash between police and supporters of the ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, as international pressure mounted on the de facto government to allow the leftist back in power.

It was the first reported death in political violence since Mr Zelaya, who was forced into exile by a coup on 28 June, slipped back into Honduras this week and sought refuge in the Brazilian embassy.

The man, a Zelaya supporter aged 65, was killed in the poor Flor del Campo district of the capital on Tuesday night, a source at the coroner’s office said. Five other pro-Zelaya protesters were shot and wounded in another part of the city, a doctor at the Escuela hospital said.

Hundreds of soldiers and riot police, some in ski masks and toting automatic weapons, have surrounded the Brazilian embassy where Mr Zelaya is sheltering with his family and a group of about 40 supporters.

The Washington Post reports:

The coup in small, impoverished Honduras has brought unified condemnation from a hemisphere determined to prevent a return to the military takeovers of the past. But Honduras’s neighbors — and its most important trading partner, the United States — have appeared impotent in the face of the crisis.

On Tuesday, Honduran soldiers used truncheons, water cannons and tear gas to disperse thousands of Zelaya supporters outside the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, according to news reports from the country. Zelaya, who was inside with about 70 friends and relatives, told reporters, “We are ready to risk everything, to sacrifice.”

Amnesty International reports on alarming attacks against a group of human rights defenders after the Brazillian embassy crowd was attacked:

Amnesty International reported today that police beatings, mass arrests of demonstrators and intimidation of human rights groups have risen sharply in Honduras since the June coup d’etat, including the firing of tear gas at the building of a prominent rights group on Monday with 100 men, women and children inside.Two days after President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales returned to Honduras following a June coup, Amnesty International warned that fundamental rights and the rule of law in the Central American nation are in grave jeopardy.

According to reports received by Amnesty International on Monday morning, about 15 police officers fired tear gas canisters at the building of the prominent human rights organization COFADEH. Around 100 people, including women and children, were inside the office at the time. Many had come to denounce police abuses during the break up of a demonstration earlier outside the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, where ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has taken refuge.

“The situation in Honduras can only be described as alarming,” said Susan Lee, Americas director at Amnesty International. “The attacks against human rights defenders, suspension of news outlets, beating of demonstrators by the police and ever increasing reports of mass arrests indicate that human rights and the rule of law in Honduras are at grave risk.”

“The only way forward is for the de facto authorities to stop the policy of repression and violence and instead respect the rights of freedom of expression and association,” said Lee. “We also urge the international community to urgently seek a solution, before Honduras sinks even deeper into a human rights crisis.”

Following the break up by police of a mass demonstration outside the Brazilian Embassy yesterday, numerous demonstrators were reported to have been beaten by police and some several hundred detained across the city. Reports also indicated similar scenes of human rights violations across the country.

Amnesty International received information that dozens of protestors were taken to unauthorized detention sites across the capital last night. Although most of those detained have been released, mass arbitrary arrests may make those detained vulnerable to human rights abuses such as ill-treatment, torture or enforced disappearance.

Amnesty International has documented the limits which have been imposed on freedom of expression since the coup d’état, including the closure of media outlets, the confiscation of equipment and physical abuse of journalists and camerapersons covering events. Radio Globo and TV channel 36 yesterday suffered power stoppages or constant interruptions to their transmissions which prevented them from broadcasting.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the curfew has been lifted, but the Brazillian embassy is still under seige:

But fear and hunger intensified inside the embassy, still a temporary home to the ousted leader renowned for his white cowboy hat, dozens of his supporters and several Brazilian embassy staff.

“They’re rationing our food, they don’t let our families in. They’re sending degrading messages to our mobile phones,” Zelaya told AFP inside the embassy late Wednesday.

“We only sleep for short moments. They attack us with noises, threats.”

A Honduran priest inside the embassy told AFP that many had received mobile phone threats of an imminent invasion of the embassy on Wednesday night.

A loud explosion was also reported outside.

Zelaya has told several media outlets that he feared mercenaries would attack the embassy to assassinate him.

“I’m quite worried… the regime hasn’t accepted dialogue,” Zelaya told AFP, vowing to fight on.

Security forces on Thursday extended a cordon around the embassy.

The de facto leaders have insisted it will not be taken by force and denied they were responsible for power and water cuts.

Limited supplies — with a diet of small portions of rice and beans — have added to the pressure.

Notice that there was a pro-coup demonstration today in which thousands marched on the UN building.  Of course this was not spontaneous as the anti-coup demonstrations were.  Also, notice that none of them received broken bones or bullet wounds from the police.

Of course, if the government doing this were in Iran, this would be plastered all over the headlines of US news outlets, but in the US we hear precious little of the severe abuses propogated by the unoficial US favorites in Honduras.


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