Israel murders again.

I just had a post taken off of the Mormon Worker blog for the scent of “anti-semitism” creeping into the text of what I had written.  I was deploring the murder of Palestinian Arabs by Israeli Jews and noted that God knew the hearts of the Jews thousands of years ago when Isaiah wrote of them in the book of Isaiah 59:2-8.  Is it anti-semitic to say such a thing?  I am disgusted with the murders of any people and yet… the murders of Israelis against Palestinians occur on such a regular basis with no fanfare in the media, no mention whatsoever in the US press, no justice for the murdered and their loved ones, no punishment for the murderers, that it is particularly reprehensible to me these murders are.  An Israeli murder against a Palestinian gives me more pain and causes a deeper sadness in my heart than any other type of a murder.  Why does this have to be?  Why does the world ignore these murders?  For the next little while, this site will be one that, though dormant lately, will not ignore the deaths of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli murderers… dare I even say… Jewish murderers.

For example, this one just in today:

The Child was identified as Ghazi Maher Al Zaaanen, 13. He was shot in the head by Israeli troops stationed east of Beit Hanoun town.

He was moved to Al Shifa hospital where he was operated and remained in a critical condition for several hours before he was pronounced dead.

His body was moved to Beit Hanoun Hospital in preparation for his burial.


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