David Albright, the expert that never was… expounds his propaganda in the newspaper of record.

It is rather maddenning to see this man pop up as an expert in the area of nuclear weapons non-proliferation again after the revealing opinion article written on him by Scott Ritter a while back.  I noted this information in a post on David Albright last July:


In his most recent interview which appears in the New York Times, Albright is scaremongering the world about the nuclear weapons capability potential of Iran.  He was interviewed by a consulting editor for the Council on Foreign Relations (a group that Dick Cheney belongs to… need I say more?), and the entire interview can be found here:


Again, he is introduced as a “long time expert on Iran’s nuclear program” and right away he starts offerring advice on how to negotiate with Iran:

Don’t accommodate Iran with short-term solutions. Iran is determined to move forward right now. Compromises that the United States may offer, such as settling for merely slowing down the enrichment program, are guaranteed not to work. The important thing is to maintain the U.S. goal of an Iranian suspension of uranium enrichment.

I don’t think that Albright and people like him have the foggiest concept of the inherent right that Iran has as a member of the NPT to enrich uranium.  Remember that Iran stopped enriching uranium back in 2004 in a good faith gesture during negotiations with the European Union.  The EU broke its part of the bargain and then tried to get Iran back into enrichment cessation with another offer of empty gestures which Iran dismissed as an insult. 


Stopping enrichment has gotten Iran nowhere fast in the past and Iran has no legal obligations to stop enrichment now either.  The IAEA has been unable to discover the diversion to a weapons program of uranium enrichment and Iran is in full compliance with the NPT. 

Albright then goes on to advocate a nuclear weapons-free zone in the middle east and explains how that wouldn’t affect Israel’s current stockpiles of nuclear weapons:

It’s very important right now to start talking about a Middle East free of enrichment plants and reprocessing plants [that can separate plutonium], which could be used in nuclear weapons. And so, you want to achieve a region that doesn’t have nuclear weapons capabilities. Then inevitably, bring in other players, some very much of concern to Iran. Israel would be number one…

It’s also not asking Israel to give up its nuclear weapons. It’s asking Israel to give up production of plutonium and any highly enriched uranium for nuclear weapons. They’ve already got plenty of nuclear explosive material.

Oh, I see.  You want a nuclear weapons-free middle east except for the nuclear weapons that Israel already has which is enough to blow up the entire rest of the Arab and Persian world?  And we seriously consider this guy to be a nuclear weapons non-proliferation expert?  That he is quoted as such in the New York Times means that we have a long way to go before we come to some serious consideration of true non-proliferation efforts such as FISSBAN etc.  Again, the New York Times proves that it prints all of the propaganda it can find.


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