El Baradei notices a double-standard in the middle east. Can anyone say… ISRAEL!!!

Mohammed El Baradei spoke out Monday against the nuclear weapons stockpile of Israel, saying that it causes problems with a “perceived double standard” in the region:

Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said Monday that Arab nations believe that Israel has undermined the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and this is a major obstacle to nuclear disarmament.

“What compounds the problem is that the nuclear non-proliferation regime has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of Arab public opinion because of the perceived double-standards concerning Israel, the only state in the region outside the NPT and known to possess nuclear weapons,” he wrote in The Herald Tribune.

The IAEA head correctly sees this as an obstacle progress of the non-proliferation goals of his agency.  He also makes a good point here:

ElBaradei also blamed the US and Israel’s unilateral policies for encouraging other nations to develop nuclear arms.

“Above all, we need to halt the glaring breach of core principles of international law such as limitations on the unilateral use of force, proportionality in self-defense and the protection of civilians during hostilities in order to avoid a repeat of the civilian carnage in Iraq and, most recently, in Gaza.”

Whether Iran is developing nuclear weapons or not is disputed by Obama, who says they are, and his own National Intelligence Estimate on Iran in 2007, and the IAEA inspections regime, which say they aren’t.  Regardless, in today’s world, it would be almost a folly for Iran to not develope nuclear weapons.  They are threatened by two nuclear powers, the USA and Israel, who both constantly attack and act in an aggressive manner towards nations around Iran and in the middle-east, and threaten Iran with military action on a regular basis, even threatening first use of nuclear weapons on occasion. 

Iran, on the other hand, has attacked noone in it’s existence as a nation, and threatens military action only in response to an attack by Israel. 

The one time Iran’s defense minister did suggest attacking Iran preemptively, he was only following the US’s own doctrine of attacking anyone who had the capability and perceived intentions of attacking Iran preemptively.

On the other hand, nations that have developed nuclear weapons including North Korea and Pakistan, are dealt with in strictly diplomatic terms.



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