Obama ignores the 2007 NIE on Iran and declares Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons… why?

What sort of games is Obama trying to play with his assertions that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program?  In January, in an interview with Stephanopolous he said this:

OBAMA: Well, I think that Iran is going to be one of our biggest challenges. And as I said during the campaign, you know, we have a situation in which not only is Iran exporting terrorism through Hamas, through Hezbollah, but they are pursuing a nuclear weapon that could potentially trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.


The LA Times made it a point today to report on Obama’s assertions and how they are in contrast to the findings of the NIE of 2007:

Little more than a year after U.S. spy agencies concluded that Iran had halted work on a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration has made it clear that it believes there is no question that Tehran is seeking the bomb.

In his news conference this week, President Obama went so far as to describe Iran’s “development of a nuclear weapon” before correcting himself to refer to its “pursuit” of weapons capability.


You can read the NIE’s report here:


Of course, Obama is perfectly aware of that NIE and used it for his own political purposes back when it first came out:

By reporting that Iran halted its nuclear weapon development program four years ago because of international pressure, the new National Intelligence Estimate makes a compelling case for less saber-rattling and more direct diplomacy. The juxtaposition of this NIE with the president’s suggestion of World War III serves as an important reminder of what we learned with the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq: members of Congress must carefully read the intelligence before giving the President any justification to use military force.


Whereas a half year earlier he said this during a debate:

SEN. OBAMA: –I think it would be a profound mistake for us to initiate a war with Iran. But have no doubt, Iran possessing nuclear weapons will be a major threat to us and to the region. I understand that.  But they’re in the process of developing it, and I don’t think that’s disputed by any experts.


Of course it was indeed disputed by the experts at the IAEA for example and later on that year by the collective opinion of 16 of the nation’s intelligence agencies.

Why is Obama doing this?


3 Responses to “Obama ignores the 2007 NIE on Iran and declares Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons… why?”

  1. 1 Forest Simmons February 13, 2009 at 4:09 am

    We voted for Nader because Obama never did give us hope for anything but more of the same on Israel, Iran, and Afghanistan, among others.

    Obama is equally clueless on the economy and its relation to military and foreign policy issues. See Paul Craig Roberts in Counterpunch for the connections:


    We gentiles are fast falling into the economic pit that we have dug for the scattered remnants of Jacob, i.e. the pit described by John Perkins in his Economic Hit Man book and his follow up report: ” The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Global Corruption.”

    It is depressing, but there is a bright side: the sooner we come crashing down, the sooner the Empire collapses, the sooner something better can come out of the ashes.

    Roberts, Perkins, and even Nader all believe in a kinder gentler, better regulated and reined in version of capitalism, so in that regard they are not as radical as Joseph, Brigham, Enoch, Nibley, Chomsky, Jeremiah Wright, etc.

    But they are way ahead of the Republicans and Democrats.

  2. 2 theradicalmormon February 13, 2009 at 6:32 am

    I loved that book by Perkins. Actually I haven’t read it, but have listened to all of his talks on the internet about the book. Very revealing. I will have to get the sequel.

    I like your comment about the bright side to all of this. I voted for Nader, but in reality, I am for Utopia. I am for Zion in all of her beauty, but will squeeze the best I can get out of our current society until the world is ready for Zion. As for me and my household; we are for Zion. The time will come as is foretold in D&C 45 when all who will not raise up the sword against his neighbor must needs flee unto Zion and Israel will be gathered out from all nations. Surely we are getting closer to that time.

  3. 3 T February 17, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    You can’t run IAEA – which sells pro atomic power ideology
    and then say: “Wait, don’t make atomic bombs.”

    ‘Cause reactors and bombs are siamese twins


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