Ralph Nader to Rush Limbaugh: Pay rent you welfare abuser!

This is an open letter from Nader to Limbaugh:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The following is an open letter to Rush Limbaugh from Ralph Nader:

Rush Limbaugh

The Rush Limbaugh Show

2 Penn Plaza

New York, NY 10121

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

The Associated Press reports your new contract with Premiere Radio Networks will enrich you with at least $38 million a year over the next eight years. You are making this money on the public property of the American people for which you pay no rent.

You, Rush Limbaugh, are on welfare.

As you know, the public airwaves belong to the American people. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to be our trustee in managing this property. The people are the landlords and the radio and TV stations and affiliated companies are the tenants.

The problem is that since the Radio Act of 1927 these corporate tenants have been massively more powerful in Washington, DC than the tens of millions of listeners and viewers. The result has been no payment of rent by the stations for the value of their license to broadcast. You and your company are using the public’s valuable property for free. This freeloading on the backs of the American people is called corporate welfare.

It is way past due for the super-rich capitalist — Rush Limbaugh from Cape Girardeau, Missouri — to get himself off big time welfare. It is way past due for Rush Limbaugh as the Kingboy of corporatist radio to set a capitalist example for his peers and pay rent to the American people for the very lucrative use of their property.

You need not wait for the broadcast industry-indentured FCC and Congress to do the right thing. You can lead by paying a voluntary rent — determined by a reputable appraisal organization — for the time you use on the hundreds of stations that carry your words each weekday.

Payment of rent for the use of public airwaves owned by the American people is the conservative position. Real conservatives oppose corporate welfare. Real corporatists feed voraciously from hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare gushing out of Washington, DC yearly.

Whose side are you on? Freeloading? Or paying rent for the public property you have been using free for many years?

I look forward to your response.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph Nader

PO Box 19312

Washington, DC 20036


Good point Ralph.  Why didn’ t you get elected again?

1 Response to “Ralph Nader to Rush Limbaugh: Pay rent you welfare abuser!”

  1. 1 Mr. Jack February 15, 2009 at 3:43 am

    I have said this for years.

    The rich gets everything complimentery because the ones with the money makes the rules.

    The poor get what little they get free because they can’t afford to pay for some of life’s basics.

    The middle class has to pay for what the rich get and the little bit the poor gets.

    I don’t mind helping the poor because they need help and it is the humane thing to do. I just hate to see all the rich hypocrites controlling other people lives by denying them any of the things they are given.

    In the last 20+ years the RRR have won many elections by fooling the voters with the stopping welfare ticket. Yet many of them had businesses that received corporete welfare. This subject is never mentioned. Starting with POTUS to congress and sanate of which can all afford to pay their own health care but have free health care. Yet they denied needed funds to maintain health facilities for the poor.

    Rush lame-brain is only following the status quo for the RRR. I am not supporting him because I really can’t stand him or anything he stands for he is the true deffinition of a hypocrite. If his stupid followers knew he makes $38 million a year to fool them with his hate and bullshit they would stop listening to him and all radio stations that broadcast his program. Some people have such low self esteem that they have to listen to this sort of RRR hatemongering to justify they way of thinking. This is why the RRR have so many talk shows to push their agenda. They ploy on the mind of the weak while destroying this country with hate, fear, deceit all things that are counter productive to bring this country together.

    The old saying “cut off the nose to spite the face” is so true. We have a POTUS now that is trying to bring this country together but there is so much hate in some of these so called Americans that they don’t care if destroy the country before the try to come together to make things work. The RRR don’t care how good the plan is if they don’t like the planner.

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