A few points on the Gaza situation.

Just a few points to make in case the reader has not come to the realization of these same points. 

Today, Israel urged that Hamas be sidelined in the reconstruction process of Gaza.

    The reconstruction efforts must be coordinated by the United Nations along with the international organizations, and with the active cooperation of Egypt, the Palestinian National Authority and the pragmatic countries, Olmert told Ban.

    Olmert stressed Hamas must not be allowed to draw any legitimacy whatsoever from the reconstruction process, accusing the Gaza-ruling Islamist group of being responsible for the devastation, whose scale is still not fully revealed.


Just wanted to point out that the people of Gaza gave all the legitimacy Hamas needs back in 2006 when they were swept into power via a fair and free election.

The next point.  No matter what anyone says, Israel still occupies Gaza.  They refuse to open their borders to aid organizations:

At a news conference in New York on Tuesday, Mr Holmes said it was “absolutely critical” that building materials – like cement and pipes – were allowed into Gaza to rebuild the Palestinian territory.

“Otherwise, the reconstruction effort won’t get off first base,” he said.

So far Israel has been allowing only basic humanitarian supplies – like food and medicine – into Gaza.

Mr Holmes, who is expected to visit Israel on Wednesday, also stressed that he would be pushing Israel to allow international aid organisation into Gaza.

“In theory, they have permission. In practice, it’s proving very difficult to get into Gaza.”


Additionally, Israel is still killing people.  Today, Israel killed a farmer who was coming to survey the damage to his land!

Israeli soldiers opened fire on Tuesday at an area northeast of Jabalia town in northern Gaza Strip, killing a Palestinian farmer, witnesses and medics said.

    Witnesses said that Israeli soldiers who are still stationed east of the town in northern Gaza Strip opened fire at the farmer as soon as he approached his farm to check it after 22 days of Israeli military offensive on the enclave.


This is exactly what happened the last time Israel and Hamas had a ceasefire.  Within the week after the ceasefire in June of 2008, Israel shot an unarmed farmer, immediately provoking Hamas, which remained cool until the murders of 6 of its members by Israel on 11/4/08, at which time Hamas began lobbing rockets into Israel as well.

The brutal blockade of Gaza’s borders is the key tool of Israel’s cruel occupation of Gaza and should be recognized as such by the USA which repeats robotically that Israel has the right to defend itself from Hamas.  In any other instance, a blockade even far less comprehensive than that the Gazans are experiencing would be considered an act of war.

One more point.  When a defenseless and sticken people rearms via tunnels which are likely used more for smuggled goods than weapons, it is called “smuggling”, but when the 4 largest military power in the world smashes its helpless neighbor and then rearms, it is called, “military aid.”  Just so you all could recognize the difference.

Oh, and one more point.  This is being called a war or a battle or a conflict or an operation, but it should be called what it is:  A massacre.  You don’t drop bombs on a prison and call it a war.  You don’t shoot fish in a barrel and call it a conflict.  This is the murder of something like 300 little kids and 1000 adults who were massacred while not being allowed to flee, or who were told to flee and then were massacred anyway.  Call it what you like, but don’t call it what it isn’t please.


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