Friedman writes lies fit for print.

Before I go on a tirade here, I’d like to point out that Benjamin Netanyaju today called for the complete eradication or removal of Hamas… an act that in order to acheive would result in 10 times the bloodshed we are seeing now.

Now, the tirade has to do with Thomas Friedman’s most recent op-ed in the New York Times, which can be found here:

There are just so many lies and misrepresentations in this article that I just had to point out at least a few of them.  It’s the perpetuation of falsehoods like these that support the continuing propaganda and then all we get in the news is “Palestinians bad, Israel good.”

Friedman starts out blabbing about how Israel actually won the war against Lebanon 2 years ago because Hezbollah received an “education.”  He says:

What Hezbollah did in 2006 — in launching an unprovoked war across the U.N.-recognized Israel-Lebanon border, after Israel had unilaterally withdrawn from Lebanon…

Hmmm… an unprovoked war?  This is an ongoing conflict with Israel always taking Lebanese prisoners and keeping some of them for years without charge in secret prisons in northern Israel, a place called “camp 1391.”  Don’t believe me?  Check out the wiki article:

Hundreds of Lebanese are kept there without charge and Hezbollah often engages in prisoner exchange as a part of the ongoing conflict.  Additionally, I recall that in February of 2006, the IDF had shot and killed a southern Lebanese shepherd that was unarmed and 15 years of age.  These sorts of provocations occurred here and there and it is well known that Israel had planned this war well in advance of any sort of “provocation,” as is seen here:

Friedman also said:

And this Hezbollah force, rather than confronting Israel’s Army head-on, focused on demoralizing Israeli civilians with rockets in their homes, challenging Israel to inflict massive civilian casualties in order to hit Hezbollah fighters and, when Israel did strike Hezbollah and also killed civilians…

B.S.  As is well known, the preponderance of casualties inflicted on Israel were soldiers (118 IDF soldiers to 43 Israeli civilians, about  a 3:1 ratio), in spite of the fact that IDF bases are inside of civilian populated towns in northern Israel.  The scales were tipped way the other way in Israeli inflicted casualties though with the vast majority being civilian (numbers ranging from 250 to 500 Hezbollah to 1100 civilians, a 1-2:4 ratio).  Israel target Beirut and targets way north in Lebanon, in Christian areas of Lebanon, clearly targeting way beyond anything remotely connected to Hezbollah.

That brings us back to Friedman’s original question.  Is Israel trying to eradicate or educate Hamas.  Again, in the comparison with the 2006 war, he is implying here that Hamas is attacking Israel unprovoked.  This needs to be addressed because as everyone should know, but most media outlets are ignoring, Israel broke the ceasefire first and killed 6 Hamas men on 11/5/08.  It was only after this huge provocation (among others such as firing at fishing boats and shooting at farmers near the fence) that Hamas broke down and started firing rockets again. 

In any case, I need to get to bed.  I’ve always been impressed with Friedman, ever since he had the courage to tell Iraqi citizens to “suck on this” as a way of the US defending itself against “terrorists.”  (see the following link for more info on that dashing statement):

Friedman held that the US needed to “educate” Islamic nations that their attacking us was not going to be stood for.  Thus the “suck on this Iraq” statement.  Here then he advocates for Palestinians to “suck on this” as well, as the Lebanese “sucked on this” back in 2006.  It pains me to see the trash passes for journalistic excellence, that my fellow Americans are educated upon in the greatest bastion of journalism in the world, the paper of record, the New York Times.  I wish that truly objective and factual writers would be hired instead of these apologists for Zionism.

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