An open letter from Nader to Bush regarding Israel and Gaza

Dear George W. Bush,

Cong. Barney Frank said recently that Barack Obama’s declaration that “there is only one president at a time” over-estimated the number. He was referring to the economic crisis. But where are you on the Gaza crisis where the civilian population of Gaza, its civil servants and public facilities are being massacred and destroyed respectively by U.S built F-16s and U.S. built helicopter gunships.

The deliberate suspension of your power to stop this terrorizing of 1.5 million people, mostly refugees, blockaded for months by air, sea and land in their tiny slice of land, is in cowardly contrast to the position taken by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1956. That year he single handedly stopped the British, French and Israeli aircraft attack against Egypt during the Suez Canal dispute.

Fatalities in Gaza are already over 400 and injuries close to 2000 so far as is known. Total Palestinian civilian casualties are 400 times greater then the casualties incurred by Israelis. But why should anyone be surprised at your blanket support for Israel’s attack given what you have done to a far greater number of civilians in Iraq and now in Afghanistan?

Confirmed visual reports show that Israeli warplanes and warships have destroyed or severely damaged police stations, homes, hospitals, pharmacies, mosques, fishing boats, and a range of public facilities providing electricity and other necessities.

Why should this trouble you at all? It violates international law, including the Geneva Conventions and the UN Charter. You too have repeatedly violated international law and committed serious constitutional transgressions.

Then there is the matter of the Israeli government blocking imports of critical medicines, equipment such as dialysis machines, fuel, food, water, spare parts and electricity at varying intensities for almost two years. The depleted UN aid mission there has called this illegal blockade a humanitarian crisis especially devastating to children, the aged and the infirm. Chronic malnutrition among children is rising rapidly. UN rations support eighty percent of this impoverished population.

How do these incontrovertible facts affect you? Do you have any empathy or what you have called Christian charity?

Read more of this perfectly sensible letter here:

2 Responses to “An open letter from Nader to Bush regarding Israel and Gaza”

  1. 1 Grégoire January 1, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    Happy New Year,

    This is such an excellent letter.

    Then there is the matter of the Israeli government blocking imports…

    I don’t think it can be repeated too emphatically that Israel is an occupational power. As such, Israel is enjoined by law, and a reasonable standard of civilized behavior, to provide a minimal level of health and welfare for the subjects she’s now controlling.

    If Israel doesn’t want to provide the bare necessities to the people of Palestine, then the proper thing to do is to withdraw entirely, quit supporting troublemaking settlers, and stop the blockade. It’s no surprise at all to find that after millions of people have been slowly starved and suffocated for months, they might decide to finally retaliate. The Warsaw Ghetto ought to teach us that much.

  2. 2 theradicalmormon January 2, 2009 at 12:13 am

    I think the whole issue here though is that Israel doesn’t want to withdraw. They don’t want anything to do with Palestinians, but they want the whole land of biblical Israel to be theirs and thus slowly push and push until they transfer all undesirables out. Jennifer Lowenstein posted on this at Palestine Chronicle. I’ll put down the link in a post here in just a second.

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