Abolition of nuclear weapons… will the USA allow it?

The Canadian Press reports that a big meeting is being planned for the abolition of nuclear weapons in the world:

WASHINGTON — A new international group committed to eliminating nuclear weapons over the next 25 years has enlisted scores of world leaders as its campaign gets under way at a conference in Paris on Tuesday.

Richard Burt, chief strategic weapons negotiator for President George H.W. Bush, says the aim is to get to zero.

He said even Iran is considered a potential supporter.


If something like this were to work it would be a great thing.  However, I am pessimistic.  My nation, the USA, has a long history of subverting efforts at nuclear weapons reduction.  We have violated the spirit of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty for a long time now.  I wrote about our lonely opposition to FISSBAN a while back:

Before I give you the list, I must mention one other general assembly vote, for FISSBAN, a project that would severely restrict the production of fissile nuclear material, the kind needed for nuclear weapons.  It is so good that the whole world voted for it, even Iran… except for the USA.  The vote was 147-1.  Here we are complaining loudly about Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program, and yet we could have taken positive steps toward a nuclear weapon world with the cooperation of Iran and chose to veto it instead.  Astounding.  Why don’t we hear about this in the news?

And there’s our opposition to a nuclear weapons free zone in the middle east (along with guess who?  Israel of course)and our opposition to a nuclear weapons free zone in the baltic states.

I guess I’ll have to believe it when I see it on this one.  May cool heads prevail.


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