Obama’s choice of Rahm, from strong Irgun stock.

Mr. Obama apparently forgot one question on the questionaire that he is distributing to potential cabinet/administration employees:  Has any of your immediate family members such as your father, ever been a terrorist? 


The choice of Rahm Emmanuel for White House Chief of Staff was a choice that is sending the wrong message to the world with regards to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict:

Sons are not responsible for the racism of their fathers. But they do have a responsibility to let others know that they disagree vehemently with such sentiments. This is certainly the case for individuals in public service, particularly the man President-elect Barack Obama has chosen as White House chief of staff. Yet, Rep. Rahm Emanuel has not said a word regarding the troubling statement his father made to the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv.

In a recent interview, Dr. Benjamin Emanuel asserted that his son’s appointment would be beneficial to Israel. “Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel,” the elder Emanuel said, according to the Jerusalem Post. “Why wouldn’t he be? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to clean the floors of the White House.”

The public has a right to expect Mr. Emanuel to reject such raw racism especially given the historic resonance of Mr. Obama’s victory. It’s especially important for Arab and Muslim Americans who came through the election campaign feeling they are the last group of Americans who can still be publicly denigrated.

Mr. Emanuel – whose father fought with the Irgun, the pre-state Jewish militia that carried out terrorist attacks on Palestinians and the British in the 1940s – has a hawkishly pro-Israel record. He has never publicly distanced himself from his father’s contribution to the dispossession of more than 750,000 Palestinians, nor criticized Israel’s frequent attacks on Palestinian communities that have killed and maimed thousands of civilians.

In June 2003, Mr. Emanuel signed a letter criticizing President Bush for being insufficiently supportive of Israel. “We were deeply dismayed to hear your criticism of Israel for fighting acts of terror,” Mr. Emanuel, along with 33 other Democrats, wrote to Mr. Bush. The letter asserted that Israel’s policy of assassinating Palestinian political leaders “was clearly justified as an application of Israel’s right to self-defense.” Such killings violate the Geneva Conventions, and the State Department’s human-rights report specified that there were more civilian bystanders killed in Israeli assassination attempts than actual targets in 2003.



Apparently, Rahm did apologize for his father’s remarks:

In the phone call, Congressman Emanuel said, “From the fullness of my heart, I personally apologize on behalf of my family and me. These are not the values upon which I was raised or those of my family.” During the phone call, Emanuel added, it is unacceptable to make remarks such as these against any ethnic or religious group.


However, a political apology is not a window in a politician’s heart.

Remember, Rahm’s father is a member of the Irgun, the terrorist group that carried out the terrorist massacre at Deir Yassin:



What a strong message this is to the entire world, this choice of Rahm as chief of staff, that Obama is determined to stand by as Israel continues its terrorist destruction of it’s neighboring Arabs in its twisted dream of Zionism.

1 Response to “Obama’s choice of Rahm, from strong Irgun stock.”

  1. 1 mohammad ekodiono November 14, 2008 at 7:00 am

    Congrutulation Mr Rahm. I like you make the new generation opinion to the peace. You much won.

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