Obama is President, and we keep bombing wedding parties in Afghanistan

So now we have Obama for a President.  And what is going to be one of his first moves?  He wants to send something like 15,000 more troops into Afghanistan where we incredibly, again today, bombed a wedding party, killing up to 2 dozen kids… and as many as 40 innocent afghanistanis in total:

Two dozen children are said to be among the dead after US warplanes reportedly bombed a wedding party in Afghanistan. US military officials said the incident, in which up to 40 civilians were reportedly killed and the bride wounded, was being investigated. The party was taking place close to where Taliban militants took cover.


A US spokesman said that if “innocent people were killed in this operation, we apologise and express our condolences”. But the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, called on the US and its president-elect, Barack Obama, to stop civilian killings.


Abdul Zahir, 24, the brother of the bride, said fighting broke out between Taliban and international troops near a crossroads in the village early on Monday. Wedding guests first heard shots from the mountain about 4 p.m. Air strikes followed about half an hour later and lasted about five hours, he said.

While Mr. Zahir was not injured, his sister was severely hurt, as were three of his young cousins, Noor Ahmad, Hazrat Sadiq and Mohammad Rafiq, who range in age from three to five years old. During the interview, they lay sprawled out next to him on tiny hospital cots. Mr. Zahir said that in all eight members of his family were killed, including two of his brothers, Qahir and Twahir, and his grandmother. Fourteen other family members were injured.

The bombing wasn’t the end of the ordeal, witnesses said. When the air strikes were over, they said, international troops arrived in three sand-coloured armoured vehicles.

Villagers reported they were intimidated and prevented from leaving to seek medical treatment while the soldiers took pictures.

The governor of Kandahar province will hold a press conference on the incident Wednesday morning, a spokesman said.

“We are collecting information right now about this incident. It’s not complete,” the spokesman said.



Let’s see how many wedding parties will be bombed under Obama’s leadership.

Update 11/5/08:  Some sources are now saying that we killed as many as 90 people at the wedding party:



1 Response to “Obama is President, and we keep bombing wedding parties in Afghanistan”

  1. 1 fourthreichisrael November 13, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    Maybe the U$A thought Osama bin Laden was at the wedding party?
    (Sarcasm intended).

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