America’s last chance at democracy… the debate to come this Sunday.

I tuned in to the debate tonight.  It was funny to see the veins bulge on McCain’s forehead as only a desparate, drowning man trying to keep his cool could appear.  Anyone can see that Obama is in command at these debates and defeats McCain just by keeping his cool.

However, Neither of these two are for me.  Why is it that we still think we have a democracy in America?  We have two different people to choose from.  Neither of them match what I would like in a President.  I wish that the people would demand that more candidates be allowed into the debates.  We are allowed only to choose from door one or door two.  When you want your kids to do what you want, you provide them with two choices that seem different, but in reality, whichever route the child chooses will be acceptable to you.  I know that trick, I’ve got kids. 

We’re all being treated like kids.  We are presented with two viewpoints.  Whichever person we choose, we will not be upsetting the powers that be.  Both will still be for the military-industrial complex.  Both will still be for protecting “American interests” abroad (code language for continuing the raping and pillaging of another country’s resources).

I would like more choices to be presented to me.  Of course, I’m hip about the 3rd party candidates and have voted for Nader since 1996.  This year will be no different.  But, the majority of Americans need to have other candidates placed in front of them, other viewpoints and ideas served up on a silver platter, before they get it into their heads that they’ve been swindled by only having two choices for so long. 

I am interested in the upcoming debate this Sunday.  It is being covered by CSPAN and hosted by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.  All 6 major candidates are invited.  Barr might not come and McCain and Obama aren’t interested in democracy enough to show up.  I wish America knew how much she was being swindled. 

Behold our democracy in its glory:


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