Just another arrow in Israel’s quiver.

We know that Israel has many weapons it uses against Palestinians in order to transfer them out of “Eretz Israel,” dead or alive.  Here’s one of the ways they get them out dead:

A group of Israeli Arab medical doctors belonging to the international NGO ‘Physicians for Human Rights’ were prevented from entering Gaza, where they were heading for humanitarian reasons. ‘Ha’aretz’ said that the group had asked for and obtained the required permit from the Israeli security forces to enter Gaza, which has been under an Israeli siege for almost two years. “We were the sole hope for the 400 or so Palestinians who were supposed to receive cures and treatments that are unavailable in Gaza; they had been fasting since yesterday in expectation of being operated today” said oncologist Abded A’baria. He added that upon “arriving at the Eretz pass, they told us that we would not have been able to enter for security reasons”. The group includes orthopedics, surgeons, psychologists and other specialists – all Arab Israelis as other Israeli medics had been denied access in the past – equipped with tools and medicines that are unavailable in Gaza, which is under embargo. “On account of the siege, the medics in Gaza have not been able to get out, participate in conferences, update techniques and technology, and they don’t even have the necessary tools to operate” said A’baria.



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