Is Russia the evil empire? Presidential politicians and the pot calling the kettle black.

Tonight, the two secret combinations candidates discussed whether or not Russia under Putin is the evil empire or not. 

Both stopped short of “yes” or “no” but made plain they have problems with Russia.

“I think they’ve engaged in an evil behavior and I think that it is important that we understand they’re not the old Soviet Union but they still have nationalist impulses that I think are very dangerous,” Obama said.

“Maybe,” McCain said, adding: “If I say yes, then that means that we’re reigniting the old Cold War. If I say no, it ignores their behavior.”

Isn’t this fascinating?  We build up and train an army in Georgia and watch while it attacks a civilian population in its sleep, massacring at least hundreds of defenseless people in cold blood, meeting no resistance at all… and all we in the US can talk about is the beacon of democracy and freedom in poor little Georgia and how it is being bullied by big bad Russia.  Little wonder that Joseph Smith said that his feelings revolt at the idea of having anything to do with politics. 

We are talking here about the politics of murder, the politics of a massacre of women and children (it is not any better to kill men by the way), which politics are the worst kind of politics.  This is where our government flagrantly crosses the line between secret combinations and a government answerable to its people.  Do you doubt that Georgia was the aggressor and that the US government and media lie to this very day about that incident?  Read this story here, just out today from the Christian Science Monitor then and see what you think of this woman’s eyewitness account of what happened in South Ossetia the night of August 7, 2008:

I was in Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, on Aug. 7 when Georgian troops marched into the city and killed my friends and neighbors. I huddled with my family in terror for three nights while Saakashvili’s tanks and rockets destroyed hundreds of our homes, desecrated cemeteries, gutted schools and hospitals.

I also have good reason not to trust what Saakashvili says. For three days before the attack I had been getting calls from many Georgian friends warning me to get out. They said Saakashvili was planning an attack. Most of the Georgians living in South Ossetia left because they knew what was coming.

On the night of Aug. 7, Saakashvili went on television and assured the frightened civilian population of South Ossetia that he would not attack us. This was long after the time Saakashvili now claims Russians had begun “invading” Georgia.

Ossetians went to bed relieved and thankful for a peaceful night.

Less than two hours later, according to credible international accounts, his artillery, bombers, and three brigades of ground troops unleashed what I can only describe as a fierce hell on our city. In the moment, we knew only our fear as we hid. Afterward I spoke with hundreds of Ossetians to find out what was done to us.

My friend’s elderly father tried to douse the flames set by Georgian fire on the home he had built with his hands. His leg was severed by shrapnel from Georgian weapons. He bled to death while his disabled wife crawled from their burning home.

Ossetians saw Georgian tanks firing into basements where women and children hid for safety They saw fleeing families shot down by Georgian snipers. We learned that the Georgian military had used Grad rocket systems and cluster bombs against Tskhinvali.

Read the rest of this story here:


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