October is not a good month.

I remember just in the last decade a few events during the month of October have led to the dreadful situation we find ourselves in now.  The first was in the year 2000.  The second intifada began, actually in the end of September, but it blossomed in the month of October.  Of course, this was a natural response to the oppressive hand of the Israeli Zionist government over the Palestinian people, but nonetheless, it inflamed Arab nations and polarized the world further with many signing up to fight (by various means) against the Zionists and their backer, the USA.

The next event was the beginning of the USA’s brutal attack on Afghanistan in 2001.  I was always against that war.  Afghanistan had offered to hand over bin Laden if the USA would only produce evidence (as is the international norm for extradition requests).  The US considered it not necessary to hand over evidence and decided it would be better to bomb Afghanistan.  The bombing caused untold sufferring as millions of people were forced to flee the bombs as the cold and severe winter was starting.  The sufferring continues today with bombings of wedding parties, killing women and children and innocent Afghanistani civilians. 

In October 2002, the Senate gave Bush war powers to attack Iraq and of course Bush signed it into law, and you know what a utter disaster that has been.

Not so much and event, but a UN report came out in October 2003 which stated that 1 billion people on the earth live in slums.

In October 2004 the US pursued a murderous seige of the city of Fallujah in Iraq.

In October 2006, the Johns Hopkins report came out estimating 655,000 excess deaths in Iraq attributable to the war.

It is notable that the Dow hit 14,000 in October 2007 since now in 2008, we see it dipping below 10,000. 

The beginning of the end of the financial world as we know it occurring this October and the events of 2000 and 2001 are the ones that stand out the most in my mind though.  The collapse Babylon right now sickens me as I think of all of the people that are losing their retirement money.  Even a few days ago I felt a twisted pleasure at the writhing I perceived on Wall Street since I really don’t like the way the world is ruled by money.  However, I don’t like to see people suffer and that is what I am starting to see.  October is not a good month.  It’s a month of fasting and prayer if you ask me.  It’s a month of getting closer to God so that we can be found standing in holy places when everything around us dissappears into a puff of smoke.  I recall the words of Paul when he said that everything we can see is not real.  The only things that are real are the things we can’t see.  The mirage of the security of the world is about to go poof.  Then we shall see things as they really are.  It’s not going to be pretty so we’d better make sure we put our trust in the right place.  God bless you my brothers and sisters.


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