Synopsis of what’s going on in Bolivia.

Found this article that is a really good look at what is going on with Bolivia recently.  For one thing, it shows us a side that is either ignored or downplayed in the US media.  It is pointed out that the US is purposefully trying to portray Bolivia as very unstable and as a dangerous place for Americans to be:

In addition, in a move calculated to create the impression of political chaos in Bolivia, Washington ordered all US “non-emergency” personnel and all embassy family members to leave the country and advised all US citizens to leave as well. The State Department also pulled all 113 Peace Corps volunteers from Bolivia. For its part, American Airlines cancelled flights to the country.

The State Department issued an ominous public warning: “US citizens currently in Bolivia should remain vigilant, monitor local media, review their security posture on a regular basis, and consider departing if the situation allows.”

Taken together, the US actions were widely interpreted in Bolivia and Latin America as a blatant attempt by the Bush administration to further destabilize a democratically elected regime.

The article also speaks of the massacre that was performed by anti-government groups in Bolivia, against pro-government groups… the massacre that was ignored by the US government who did not protest the violence undertaken by its own clients in that country.  Then it speaks of the punitive punishment placed upon Bolivia by way of drug accusations etc.

In retaliation for the expulsions, the United States announced that it would no longer consider Bolivia a partner in the war on drugs and that it would initiate the legal process to raise duties on imports from Bolivia.

US trade representative Susan Schwab declared: “The Morales administration’s recent actions related to narcotics cooperation are not those of a partner and are not consistent with the rules of these programs.” US officials said that this decision has been motivated by Bolivia’s decision to close USAID and remove US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) personnel from areas of suspected cultivation of coca, the raw material for cocaine. The consumption of coca leaves is legal in Bolivia; peasants use it to combat the effects of hunger—in South America’s poorest country—and of living in high altitudes.

US officials claim that coca production is on the rise in Bolivia, but Bolivian officials deny this. The Bolivian government charged that the US government appeared to be acting on behalf of groups representing US big business which had appealed to the Bush administration and the US Congress to cut off trade benefits to both Bolivia and Ecuador on the grounds that business profits are not adequately guaranteed by the two countries’ governments.

Please go check out the entire article at:


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