HR 362, still on the agenda.

HR 362 continues to be a quiet issue.  It’s sort of like the MAI a decade or so ago.  It’ a piece of legislation that could change the world as we know it forever and launch WWIII, but practically noone knows anything about it besides a bunch of Representatives who are cosponsoring it, and a bunch of internet savy anti-war activists.  Other than that, not much in the major media outlets on this resolution at all.  It was in the news just a little today here:

The resolution was written by AIPAC, the American Jewish lobbying secret combination, and is under significant pressure from AIPAC to be acted upon. 

That HR 362 has been so warmly received on Capitol Hill is a sad testimony to Congress’s willing dependence on external interests which cannot be assumed to be identical to those of most Americans. The Resolution is known to have been initially drafted by the American-Israeli lobby AIPAC. In early June AIPAC sent more than a thousand lobbyists to Congress to whip up support for this Resolution.

Congress’s well known subordination to AIPAC’s agenda should not be construed as a democratic response to the wishes of the American Jewish community. Polls show that more than 80% of Jewish-Americans oppose an attack on Iran. Congress’s compliance to AIPAC’s interests amounts to obeisance to a foreign State, not to any domestic constituency.

It’s stalled in committee currently until Congress goes back into session here in a few days.

For a little more on HR 362 and the current situation for the upcoming US/Iran war, check out Stephen Lendman’s article from 8/17:


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