US stirring up the nest with accusations of Hezbollah in Venezuela.

These are ridiculous assertions by the US intended to stir up the US public into a frenzy someday for possible military or other action against Venezuela and its leader, Hugo Chavez:

The budding strategic partnership between Venezuela and Iran has prompted fears from Western governments that Hezbollah is establishing a growing number of operational cells in the South American country, the Los Angeles Times reported on its Web site on Thursday.

The Lebanon-based Shi’ite organization is believed to be one of a number of anti-Western terrorist and non-state actors that have moved “people and things” into South America, an anti-terrorism expert told the Times.

Officials in the Bush administration and Jerusalem have expressed concern that Hezbollah is taking advantage of the close relationship between its Iranian patrons and Venezuela’s anti-American president, Hugo Chavez, the LA Times said.

Of course Venezuela roundly denies these allegations:

A “new, unfounded accusation” is how the President of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Civil-Military Front, Lieutenant Colonel Héctor Herrera, described allegations by the U.S. Treasury Department that a Venezuelan diplomat and Venezuelan travel agent, both of Lebanese decent, are financial supporters of the Lebanon-based political and military organization Hezbollah.

The accusations “are more of the same,” said Herrera, whose Civil-Military organization recently test-ran military maneuvers with Venezuelan reservists to defend against a simulated foreign invasion. “Just like the [accusation about] Venezuela’s link with the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC),” added Herrera.

Of course, Herrera then goes on to expose the true terrorist facilitator in all of this:

Herrera further asserted that the U.S. should not accuse others of being terrorists because the U.S. is the principal terrorist and sponsor of terrorist groups worldwide.


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