Get out of Afghanistan now! The US murders 60 kids in their sleep.

This is why we need to get of our wars abroad.  We massacre 60 little kids in their sleep and their is no hue and cry in the USA.  It’s just another day.  Just another little bit of collateral damage.  60 sweet children, probably not unlike my sweet children, and loved no less than your sweet children by their families.  And we extinguished their lives in a single moment.

Mohammad Iqbal Safi, the head of the parliamentary defense committee and a member of the government commission, said the 60 children were 3 months old to 16 years old, all killed as they slept. “It was a heartbreaking scene,” he said.

Of course the murder machine itself claims that the targets were legitimate, much as it did when we killed a bunch of women and kids at the wedding a little while back:

The United Nations statement adds pressure to the United States military, which maintains that 25 militants and 5 civilians were killed in the airstrikes, but has ordered an investigation after Afghan officials reported the higher civilian death toll.

Russia has tried to do a little about the massacre at the UN:

Russia, at odds with the United States and much of the West over its recognition of two breakaway regions in Georgia, on Tuesday circulated at the United Nations a draft of a document known as a “Security Council press statement” about the airstrike and the civilian casualties that said member nations “strongly deplore the fact that this is not the first incident of this kind,” The Associated Press reported.

The draft, obtained by The A.P., notes “that killing and maiming of civilians is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and human rights law” and asks for measures to ensure protection of civilians.

However, what we need is instant withdrawal from that nation before we kill anyone else.  We should never have invaded that country in first place.


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  1. 1 More evidence documented by the NYTimes of US murders in Afghanistan « The Radical Mormon Trackback on September 9, 2008 at 5:39 am

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