The powers that put Sakaashvili into the presidency, tell the whole story here.

There is a nice article in informationclearinghouse today about the support Sakaashvili got from the National Endowment for Democracy (what a misnomer that one is) and the George Soros Foundation etc.  It’s very enlightening.  Here’s an excerpt:

The controversy over the Georgian surprise military attacks on South Ossetia and Abkhazia on 8.8.08 makes a closer look at the controversial Georgian President and his puppet masters important. An examination shows 41 year old Mikhail Saakashvili to be a ruthless and corrupt totalitarian who is tied to not only the US NATO establishment, but also to the Israeli military and intelligence establishment. The famous ‘Rose Revolution of November 2003 that forced the ageing Edouard Shevardnadze from power and swept the then 36 year old US university graduate into power was run and financed by the US State Department, the Soros Foundations, and agencies tied to the Pentagon and US intelligence community.

Mihkail Saakashvili was deliberately placed in power in one of the most sophisticated US regime change operations, using ostensibly private NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) to create an atmosphere of popular protest against the existing regime of former Soviet Foreign Minister Edouard Shevardnadze, who was no longer useful to Washington when he began to make a deal with Moscow over energy pipelines and privatizations.

Saakashvili was brought to power in a US-engineered coup run on the ground by US-funded NGO’s, in an application of a new method of US destabilization of regimes it considered hostile to its foreign policy agenda. The November 24 2003 Wall Street Journal explicitly credited the toppling of Shevardnadze’s regime to the operations of “a raft of non-governmental organizations . . . supported by American and other Western foundations.” These NGOs, said the Journal, had “spawned a class of young, English-speaking intellectuals hungry for pro-Western reforms” who were instrumental laying the groundwork for a bloodless coup.

Read the rest of the article here:


For those of you not familiar with this sort of regime change that the US is involved in here, this is the new way we do it.  We go around spending a whole bunch of money on the opposition to a leader who is perceived as being unfriendly to US imperialist aspirations such as Chavez of Venezuela or Ortega of Nicaragua in the 80’s, and thus get people into power in those nations who will sell their souls to Satan, and their nation’s resources to the megacorporations of the world, the secret combinations of the day. 


The genius of this new way of doing things though is that we make it look like a great victory for democracy and freedom, which, of course, are terms with no meaning at all when used by the USA these days.


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