Somebody tell me I’m not living in the Truman Show.

Absolutely breathtaking.  Read these few words from the New York Times today:

Rice says the time had come to talk about the consequences Russia should suffer as a result of its actions in Georgia, yet she declined to possible repercussions it could face.

At the end, perhaps the only thing Russia will have proved is that ”they can use their overwhelming regional military power to beat up on a small neighbor,” she said.

”I don’t think that’s actually a very good place from which to proceed on an argument that Russia ought to be considered a responsible member of the international system.”

The hypocrisy here reaches new levels.  I don’t think we’ve ever seen this sort of blatant twisting of events by the US government.  And of course the Associated Press allows this sort of thing to pass by without bringing a few important points up.  For example… THE FACT THAT GEORGIA MASSACRED, EXECUTED AND RAPED HUNDREDS OF DEFENSELESS PEOPLE IN SOUTH OSSETIA, BEFORE RUSSIA EVER STEPPED FOOT IN GEORGIA!!!  Or try other little facts like the fact that South Ossetia voted 99-1 to separate from Georgia in 2006 with 95% voter turnout.  Facts seem to mean nothing to the US media right now.  Condi Rice and the flocks that follow her line of thinking are all willing participants in todays massive secret combinations.


2 Responses to “Somebody tell me I’m not living in the Truman Show.”

  1. 1 Dayvid Franke August 25, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    I agree totally, with the exception that I would hold Rice (whom I disdain), responsible for what her boss is telling her to do.

    You are dead on about the hypocrisy though and I thank you for speaking the truth that the AP has so wholly ignored and failed to present to the public.

    Dayvid Franke

  2. 2 Dayvid Franke August 25, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    Typo… correction “Not hold Rice responsible”.

    My apologies.

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