More truth on South Ossetia, Russia and Georgia, part III

Justin Raimondo has an excellent article on the situation over at  He does an excellent job of pointing out the massacre undertaken by Georgian troops upon South Ossetian civilians and speaks of the brain-dead drivel coming out of the US media as nothing more than mindless word-drool.

“The place that has suffered most is South Ossetia which is home to both ethnic Ossetians and Georgians, the latter accounting for about a third of the population. The destruction there has been appalling and it looks as though many hundreds of civilians have died, in the first place as a result of the initial Georgian assault of August 7-8. Gosha Tselekhayev, an Ossetian interpreter in Tskhinvali with whom I spoke by telephone on August 10 said, ‘I am standing in the city center, but there’s no city left.’

“Ossetians fleeing the conflict zone talk of Georgian atrocities and the indiscriminate killing of civilians.”

They may be talking of Georgian atrocities, but we in the West have not heard them – nor will we, given the bias of our media, which is in thrall to the Georgia lobby and its U.S. government sponsors. The “mainstream” has already settled on a narrative to explain events in the Caucasus, and nothing short of a South Ossetian holocaust will wake them from their hypnotic state. The Russians, in their view, have got to be the bad guys, i.e., the aggressors. Anything that doesn’t fit into that storyline is cut from the script. Yet, as Reliefweb reports:

“On August 7, after days of shooting incidents in the South Ossetian conflict zone, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili made a speech in which he said that he had given the Georgian villagers orders not to fire, that he wanted to offer South Ossetia ‘unlimited autonomy’ within the Georgian state, with Russia to be a guarantor of the arrangement.

“Both sides said they were discussing a meeting the next day to discuss how to defuse the clashes.

“That evening, however, Saakashvili went for the military option. The Georgian military launched a massive artillery attack on Tskhinvali, followed the next day by a ground assault involving tanks.

“This was a city with no pure military targets, full of civilians who had been given no warning and were expecting peace talks at any moment.”

Raimondo points to this next bit of footage which shows the devastation of a South Ossetian city attacked by Georgians, which CNN amazingly stated was the Georgian city of Gori that was attacked by Russians instead!  The actual cameraman seems as baffled as the rest of us at the flagrant propaganda machine the US media is:

I also have to put of the link Qin linked to which is also referred to by Raimondo in his article of the 12 year old interviewed by Fox News who thanks the Russian soldiers and says that Georgia was the bad guys:

Raimondo then makes this good point:

The U.S. is now delivering “humanitarian” aid under the aegis and protection of the U.S. military, a gesture that underscores the Bizarro World absurdity of a foreign policy that has us arming the Georgians and then paying to clean up the damage done by our proxies. This is truly an odd sort of “humanitarianism,” one inextricably linked to the inveterate sadism of our foreign policy.

Click here to read the rest of this excellent article:


1 Response to “More truth on South Ossetia, Russia and Georgia, part III”

  1. 1 Flabergasted August 16, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Keep up with the reality of this American / Gergian farce and soon maybe the world will see just how evil and self seeking America is!

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