More truth about Georgia and Russia… not from the US media though.

This all makes perfect sense to me.  Why can’t US media pick up this story and at least question the official line of the US government?  Even Israel has cooled towards Georgia in light of it’s atrocities, but the US continues doggedly in it’s foolishness.  I heard an NPR reporter interviewing Zalmay Khalilzad, US ambassador to the UN, who asked if Georgia was responsible for atrocities in South Ossetia and Khalilzad mumbled out a lie about how that hasn’t been established or something to that effect (I wish I could find his exact answer because it was a flagrant lie) and then the reporter let him off right away without pressing him at all.  Disgusting. 

Here is what I meant in the beginning when I said that this all makes good sense to me.  This is Russia’s Minister of foreign affairs in today’s Financial Times:

Last Friday, after the world’s leaders had arrived at the Beijing Olympics, Georgian troops launched an all-out assault on the region of South Ossetia, which has enjoyed de facto independence for more than 16 years. The majority of the region’s population are Russian citizens. Under the terms of the 1992 agreement to which Georgia is a party, they are afforded protection by a small number of Russian peacekeeping soldiers. The ground and air attack resulted in the killing of peacekeepers and the death of an estimated 1,600 civilians, creating a humanitarian disaster and leading to an exodus of 30,000 refugees. The Georgian regime refused to allow a humanitarian corridor to be established and bombarded a humanitarian convoy. There is also clear evidence of atrocities having been committed – so serious and systematic that they constitute acts of genocide.

There can be little surprise, therefore, that Russia responded to this unprovoked assault on its citizens by launching a military incursion into South Ossetia. No country in the world would idly stand by as its citizens are killed and driven from their homes. Russia repeatedly warned Tbilisi that it would protect its citizens by force if necessary, and its actions are entirely consistent with international law, including article 51 of the UN charter on the right of self-defence.

Russia has been entirely proportionate in its military response to Georgia’s attack on Russian citizens and peacekeepers. Russia’s tactical objective has been to force Georgian troops out of the region, which is off limits to them under international agreements. Despite Georgia’s assertion that it had imposed a unilateral ceasefire, Russian peacekeepers and supporting troops remained under continued attack – a fact confirmed by observers and journalists in the region. Russia had no choice but to target the military infrastructure outside the region being used to sustain the Georgian offensive. Russia’s response has been targeted, proportionate and legitimate.

Russia has been accused of using the conflict to try to topple the government and impose control over the country. This is palpable nonsense. Having established the safety of the region, the president has declared an end to military operations. Russia has no intention of annexing or occupying any part of Georgia and has again affirmed its respect for its sovereignty. Over the next few days, on the condition that Georgia refrains from military activity and keeps its forces out of the region, Russia will continue to take the diplomatic steps required to consolidate this temporary cessation of hostilities.,Authorised=false.html?

There is a free registration needed to read the article above, but you can also find the entire article here:

3 Responses to “More truth about Georgia and Russia… not from the US media though.”

  1. 1 mike August 17, 2008 at 5:31 am

    It’s nice to see the truth here. I wish we could get the same on the u.s. media.
    I am American but my girlfriend is Russian and she has friends from Belaruse who has a friend from Ossetia.
    She said an agreement was signed by Russia, Georgia, and some other countries that broke off from the Soviet Union that they would not fight as long as the Georgian army was peaceful towards Ossetia.
    She also said that the Georgian govt and army have been trying for years ( almost 2 decades ) to totally become georgian and this past week flew jets over to bomb them. Not bomb peace keepers but citizens for 2 days then they proceeded to bomb peace keepers.
    They set fire to villages, raped women… Just really horrible stuff. A week before this happened ( before the Olympics )Putin
    went to talk to the EU about and they did not want to talk. He wanted to talk with NATO and they did not want to talk.

    So here is our ( U.S.A. ) govt. selling/ giving weapons, jets, aid to the people who bombed citizens, raped women and burned villages….

  2. 2 theradicalmormon August 17, 2008 at 5:37 am

    Your description of events sounds just about like some of the other descriptions I’ve heard recently, including this one today from Mike Whitney:

    Of course, as you say, there is none of this sort of information found in the major US news outlets. As Noam Chomsky always likes to say, the US media is exhibiting incredible discipline in ignoring the events on the ground and swallowing whole the official government line.

    If we stay away from the US media, we will find out a lot more about which atrocities we are implicated in around the world.

  3. 3 mike August 17, 2008 at 7:01 am

    Yea I have been living and working in Japan for the last 3 years with my girlfriend ( except for being on vacation now in the U.S.).

    I also noticed this problem with American news in 2003 when I was working on cruise ships and we had U.S. CNN, The BBC and some other international news. I had to watch the truth from other countries and the lies from the U.S. govt while I was working with people from India, Pakistan, Russia, Caribbean islands, All over eastern Europe and the U.K.. It was so humiliating and embarassing.

    I have also been keeping up with the not so ” crazy theory ” 9/11 sites and there are too many questions unanswered and too many coverups. My girlfriend said that some of the things that a few govt/cia people have been doing since the 60’s and more recently seems like a majority of the white house /military leaders
    is the same as when communism started to hurt the Russian people in the 60’s and 70’s… I love my country but my vote was not counted 4 years ago since it was absentee ballot. I am thinking of living in another country for the rest of my life or at least until politics (domestic and international) make a change for the better…

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