Bush administration upset with Iranian missile tests, ignores its own military provocations in the region

We all have heard now about the Iranian missile testing done yesterday, including the Shahab 3 with the range to reach Israel and beyond.  The Whitehouse was incensed and here is the Bush administration’s reaction:

The missile tests drew a sharp response from the United States. Gordon D. Johndroe, the deputy White House press secretary, said in a statement at the Group of 8 meeting in Japan that Iran’s development of ballistic missiles was a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

“The Iranian regime only furthers the isolation of the Iranian people from the international community when it engages in this sort of activity,” Mr. Johndroe said.

He urged Iran to “refrain from further missile tests if they truly seek to gain the trust of the world. The Iranians should stop the development of ballistic missiles which could be used as a delivery vehicle for a potential nuclear weapon immediately.”


This sort of reaction confirms to me that I must be living in the Truman Show.  Isn’t it amazing to you that the US and Israel issue numerous threats of military attack against Iran per day, including the threat of a nuclear weapons attack against their nuclear facilities, and we are shocked and horrified when Iran runs a test like this?  We run war games in the Persian Gulf while Israel runs war games with planes flying distances equal to the distance from Iran, and it shocks us that Iran is flying missiles?  We are the hugest military the world has ever known and we surround Iran from Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries where we have bases in the middle east, and we complain about Iran’s missile testing?  We support covert operations aimed at overthrowing the Iranian government and we just expect them to roll over and smile?  Sort of reminds me of Rumsfelds complaints against Venezuela when he bought guns to replace the aging guns of Venezuela’s military. 

It is absolute common sense to Iran to have tested its missiles with view of defense against Israel and nearby threatening US targets as the Iranian Air Force Chief notes:

Just in case there was any ambiguity about Iran’s missile test today in the Hormuz Straits, the air force chief, General Hossein Salami, put any lingering uncertainty to rest.

Salami said the tests of long- and medium- range missiles were intended to demonstrate Iranian resolve “against enemies who in recent weeks have threatened Iran with a harsh language”.

There is no question that the principal enemy the Iranian government has in mind is Israel. Israel is within range of the Shahab 3 missile, one of the weapons tested today. And Israel is the only country currently employing “harsh language” about Iran.


And then, on the other hand, we seem surprised when other countries react strongly to our aggressive military manouverings:

Russia has threatened to react with “military resources” if a US anti-missile shield is set up near its borders, according to a foreign ministry statement.

“If a US strategic anti-missile shield is deployed near our borders, we will be forced to react not in a diplomatic fashion but with military resources,” the statement said.

“There is no doubt that the grouping of elements of the strategic US arsenal faced towards Russian territory” could lead Moscow to “take adequate measures to face the threats to its national security,” it added.



2 Responses to “Bush administration upset with Iranian missile tests, ignores its own military provocations in the region”

  1. 1 Rick July 13, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    The difference is, Iran has openly said it want’s to destroy Israel and America. We are there to protect our country from having to fight these wars on our soil. So we can continue to have freedom and listen to everyone in our country say how evil we are, not having to witness the death and destruction of these radical dictators first hand. 9/11 was only a fraction of what these people want to do to us.

  2. 2 theradicalmormon July 13, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    I challenge you to show me one place where Iran has said it wants to destroy Israel and America. This has never been said. What has been said is that Iran will destroy Israel and 32 American military bases in retaliation for any acts of war perpetrated upon it by the US or Israel.
    If you read what Iranian officials have said carefully instead of listening to the official US propaganda, you’ll find the truth.

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