More on the fake FARC laptop documents

The fake documents found by Columbian special forces after they murdered FARC leaders in Ecuador a couple of months ago, continue to hit headlines in the US, apparently fulfilling the purpose they were placed there for.  Interpol put out a report saying that the evidence on the computers was not tampered with by Colombia.  As you recall, the computers allegedly contain damning evidence against the Chavez administration which shows that Chavez supplied the terrorists with 300 million dollars assistance etc.  We read:

according to the Colombian government and INTERPOL, the data contained in these “magical computers” equals a whopping 39.5 million filled pages in Microsoft Word documents. According to INTERPOL’s press release, “…it would take more than 1,000 years to read at a rate of 100 pages per day.”

As Eva Gollinger points out:

“Just hours after the illegal invasion and massacre…the head of Colombia’s National Police, General Naranjo, was announcing they had ‘found’ a ‘laptop’ that belonged to Raul Reyes, the FARC commander killed in the bombing, and that the computer contained information that showed a link between President Chavez and several members of his government, and the handover (or offering) of weapons and money to the FARC. (Now we would have to ask how the Colombian police found that key information so quickly amongst the more than 39,000 Word files and several million documents contained on the computers that the INTERPOL report says it would take 1,000 years to read). All of a sudden, evidence was found that not even the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency or the world’s top spies could encounter during years of secret missions, agent recruiting and handling and psychological operations….That mysterious machine contained anything the Empire could ever have dreamed up to bury the Venezuelan government and declare it over and done with.

Great points Eva.  Of course, even though Interpol has declared no tampering with the computer documents, it also points out that the documents probably won’t stand up in a court of law:

“All seized FARC computer exhibits were accessed by Colombian authorities between 1 March 2008, when they were seized, and 10 March 2008, when they were handed over to INTERPOL’s computer forensic experts…. Access to the data contained in the eight FARC computer exhibits did not conform to internationally recognized principles for handling electronic evidence by law enforcement…. Direct access may complicate validating this evidence for purposes of its introduction in a judicial proceeding, because law enforcement is then required to demonstrate or prove that the direct access did not have a material impact on the purpose for which the evidence is intended.”

This information is from a good article summarizing the situation at:

More damning evidence against any shred of credibility of the fake documents of the siezed computers is this report that some of the photos found on it are actually photos taken by Colombian intelligence officials.



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