The Nakba remembered.

Stop the presses!  The New York Times has printed something that is more than remotely pro-Palestinian.  We can certainly expect the "anti-semite" accusation to appear and for this sort of article to not appear again for a long time.  The article speaks of the Nakba and the inequality of Arabs living in a Jewish state, but it hardly does justice to even beginning to describe the Nakba in any sort of meaningful way.  Here is an excerpt:

Their story is part of a larger one: After the United Nations General Assembly voted in late 1947 for two states in Palestine, one Arab and one Jewish, local Arab militias and their regional supporters went on the offensive against Jewish settlements, in anger over the United Nations’ support for a Jewish state. Zionist forces counterattacked. Hundreds of Palestinian villages, including Lajoun, were evacuated and mostly destroyed.

Palestinian Arabs became refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Gaza, then under Egypt’s supervision. But some, like Mr. Mahameed, stayed in Israel. They were made citizens and were promised equality, but never got it.

Those who had left or had been expelled from their villages were not permitted back and have spent the past 60 years often a few miles away, watching their land farmed or built upon by newcomers, many of them refugees from Nazi oppression or Soviet anti-Semitism.

In 1953, the Israeli Parliament retroactively declared 300,000 acres of captured village land to be government property for settlement or security purposes.

Of course the story doesn’t mention that the Arabs were often attacking in retaliation for Lehi and Irgun terrorist attacks on Arabs to begin with. 

The Nakba is a horrible story that is virtually untold here in the USA, in contrast to the sad stories that we like to tell over and over again, the stories that don’t give any comfort to our so-called enemies such as the Holocaust etc.  You can find a concise summary here:

It is well worth reading. 

Even better is the beginner’s guide to the root of the refugee problem found here:

Remember the Nakba.

P.S.  Here the leader of World Likud is calling for the Nakba memorials to be banned:

In a press release distributed to the news media on Tuesday, Danon said the purpose of the march is "to oppose and incite against the state."

"This is a deliberate and subversive challenge of the Arab Israeli leadership against the existence of the State of Israel," Danon said.

Should Dichter fail to heed Danon’s call, the World Likud chair said he intends to appeal to the district court. He also demanded the authorities arrest any Arab leader quoted as inciting against the state and its institutions, as well as anyone seen brandishing the flag of an enemy state or a terrorist organization.


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