Iranian weapons in Iraq? Far from a slam dunk.

As part of the US government’s apparent disinformation campaign to smear Iran and drum up domestic support (manufacture consent) for war against Iran, we continue to talk about how we’ve found weapons caches in Iraq with evidence of Iranian origin.  As we learned this last weekend, Iraqi officials are not convinced of the evidence presented by the US for these claims.  The following article from Time Magazine gives us a good summary on what sort of evidence has been presented and what sort of evidence is lacking to convict Iran:

Indeed, the U.S. allegations appear to be based on speculation, spurred by the appearance about a year ago of a new breed of roadside bomb in Iraq. Explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, proved effective at piercing American armor by firing a concave copper disc from a makeshift cannon, which transformed the slug midair into a molten jet of super-heated metal. Accusations that Iran was shipping the things into Iraq grew louder as U.S. casualties from the weapon rose. But no concrete evidence has emerged in public that Iran was behind the weapons. U.S. officials have revealed no captured shipments of such devices and offered no other proof.

Instead, the Americans argued their case publicly with deductive reasoning: the copper slugs used in EFPs had to be precisely tooled with a heavy press in order to work properly, they said; no such heavy presses were in operation in Iraq, according to the Americans, therefore the slugs had to have been machined in Iran and moved into Iraq. It is, however, not impossible that such heavy presses may well be operating in Iraq. Three major cities in southern Iraq (Basra, Karbala and Najaf) have gone without a significant U.S. military presence for more than a year. These cities, which U.S. officials believe form hubs for the flow of arms into Baghdad, may indeed have such presses.

The U.S. has also alleged that Tehran was passing rockets to militia elements in Iraq for use against American troops and, lately, the Iraqi government living under American protection in the Green Zone. Recovered materials from some of the rockets reveal Iranian markings, American officials have said, without however producing convincing physical evidence.,8599,1737543,00.html

It seems on the other hand that there is ample evidence of US made weapons killing Iraqi civilians in Iraq. 


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