US massacres 30 people along with a Somali rebel and everyone thinks that’s ok

Here is something that continues to befuddle me.  We kill this Al Queda trained guy who is fighting the warlords ruling Somalia (whom the US government supports for some reason or other), who doesn’t really have much to do with 9/11 except that he trained in the same place as 9/11 people did apparently, making it very questionable in my mind why we had the right to kill him in the first place (remember we bombed Somalia a while back and killed a few villagers and livestock, missing him).  However, I am even more confused about why we think it’s ok to kill 30 people along with him. 

The death toll from U.S. air strikes that killed an Islamist rebel said to be al Qaeda’s leader in Somalia rose to 30 on Thursday, a local elder said.

“So far we understand that 30 dead bodies were found in the ruins and at least 15 others were wounded,” a local leader in the small central town of Dusamareb told Reuters by telephone.

The elder, who asked not to be named, said the roofs of 25 homes in the area were blown off in the blasts.

I continue to be befuddled about how we can think there is any justice or righteousness in killing one guy we questionably have the right to call a bad guy, while killing 30 surrounding people.  Why is this ok?  Is America crazy that we see this sort of thing and raise no hue and cry?  Are we so numb to the killing?  Is the gore too far away?  Have our senses been dulled by the treatment our media gives such an event?  We extinguish the lives of 30 people in a far away place with one stroke of the keyboard and that’s ok?  How can we countenance this?



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