US wardrums continue to beat and drop soundbites (repeat to yourselves over and over again that we must attack Iran)

The latest high level schmuck to assert that Iran is indeed making nuclear weapons is CIA Director Michael Hayden. 

Asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press” whether he thought Iran was trying to develop a nuclear weapon, Hayden said, “Yes,” adding that his assessment was not based on “court-of-law stuff. . . . This is Mike Hayden looking at the body of evidence.”

So what is the evidence that Michael Hayden is looking at?

He said his conviction stemmed largely from Iran’s willingness to endure international sanctions rather than comply with demands for nuclear inspections and abandon its efforts to develop technologies that can produce fissile material.

“Why would the Iranians be willing to pay the international tariff they appear willing to pay for what they’re doing now if they did not have, at a minimum . . . the desire to keep the option open to develop a nuclear weapon and, perhaps even more so, that they’ve already decided to do that?” he said.

Ah, I see.  So we continue with the theme of faith-based evidence, sort of like the kind that got us into the Iraq war.  So why would the Iranians keep up their enrichment work in the face of UN sanctions?  Could it possibly be that it is their inalienable right as signators of the NPT?  Could it possibly that the UN sanctions regime itself is contrary to established international law and that Iran, as a principle, will continue enrichment, refusing to bow to the pressure of a bully empire, in an effort to overcome US influence?  Of course, it could also be, as Hayden asserts, for the purposes of building up nuclear weapons, but there is just not enough evidence for that, even according to our own NIE.  But then there’s faith-based evidence…,1,7265658.story


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