4,000 Iraqis killed in the war… about 5 years ago today.

How long did it take for 4,000 Iraqis to die in this war?  No one knows the answer, but a few days into the war would be a good guess.  What do Iraqis think about the number of 4,000 US troops dying in the war?

The scars run deep in Iraqi society. Umm Mohammad, a 49-year-old widow in Baghdad’s western Mansur neighborhood whose husband was abducted and shot by gunmen 15 months ago, bitterly blamed the US military for the loss, which has profoundly affected her family.

Her two daughters, both in college, are still in mourning while her son, in secondary school, is so depressed he failed his exams last year. They have been forced to move in with her husband’s family to survive.

“Why does the world care so much about the 4,000 soldiers killed? No one cares about the Iraqis,” said Umm Mohammad, a Sunni Arab.

“All the killings in Iraq are because of the Americans. They are the cause of all the bloodshed. I ask God to kill all the American soldiers – to count them all and not leave any one of them,” she said. “The world regards the American soldiers as our saviors but they are murderers.”


The above-linked AFP article also briefly discusses the Iraq war Iraqi casualty numbers.  I really dislike this type of casual discussion of the massive carnage we’ve inflicted on Iraq.  We are out of control.  We know that there are at the very least, 90,000 deaths in iraq due to our war.  We know that the numbers are probably much higher depending on which survey you look at with the ORB and Johns Hopkins numbers matching very well.  However, each one of these numbers represents a human life.  One million deaths is not the number “1” with six zeros after it.  It is individual murder of a sacred life, and all of the grief and hardship associated with it among family members and friends.  It is all of this and more one million times over.  And it doesn’t stop.  We keep up the killing.  Heck, we even killed some members of our beloved Awakening council the other day.  And who knows how many have died that we hear no report about.  The 80–95% of deaths that never make it into passive surveilance in wartime.

If I was elected President, the first act I would do would be to bring all troops home immediately and court-martial any US military that shot anyone on the way out.

How do we stop this madness!

3 Responses to “4,000 Iraqis killed in the war… about 5 years ago today.”

  1. 1 Winslie Gomez March 25, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    Bush is your President and he has the will of the people. Why are you so surprised?

    Just a reluctant co-conspirator from UK.

    But appalled!
    Here is my link

  2. 3 Winslie Gomez March 27, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Sorry to be dense! How do you add the code to widgets?

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