Who wants to destroy who in the middle east?

During an exchange with a now-disgraced former commenter on this site, the issue of Hamas wanting to destroy Israel came up.  First of all, it is not part of Hamas’s political platform to destroy Israel.



Hamas has repeatedly expressed contentment with a side-by-side two state solution within the 1967 borders.  As far as the Hamas Charter statements go, Khaled Meshaal has stated:

“The [Hamas] statute does not in fact call for the destruction of Israel. In Arabic, it says: `End the Israeli occupation of Palestine’. We don’t want to eliminate them, only to obtain our rights. For that reason, the paragraph remains.”

“Our message to the Israelis is this: We do not fight you because you belong to a certain faith or culture. Jews have lived in the Muslim world for 13 centuries in peace and harmony; they are in our religion “the people of the book” who have a covenant from God and his messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him), to be respected and protected.” “Our conflict with you is not religious but political. We have no problem with Jews who have not attacked us — our problem is with those who came to our land, imposed themselves on us by force, destroyed our society and banished our people.”

Recent decades have shown though that there is a certain nation in the middle east that wants to destroy another nation and wipe them off of the map for good.  There is a wealth of documentation which shows that Zionists have sought the expulsion of Palestinians for decades, even since the early 1900’s.  Please read the following excerpts to see how there has been a consistent push by Zionists to exterminate Palestinians Arabs from their lands from the beginning… long before Hamas had even thought of writing a charter:

“The Zionists made no secret of their intentions, for as early as 1921, Dr. Eder, a member of the Zionist Commission, boldly told the Court of Inquiry, ‘there can be only one National Home in Palestine, and that a Jewish one, and no equality in the partnership between Jews and Arabs, but a Jewish preponderance as soon as the numbers of the race are sufficiently increased.’ He then asked that only Jews should be allowed to bear arms.” Sami Hadawi, “Bitter Harvest.”

“In internal discussion in 1938 [David Ben-Gurion] stated that ‘after we become a strong force, as a result of the creation of a state, we shall abolish partition and expand into the whole of Palestine’…In 1948, Menachem Begin declared that: ‘The partition of the Homeland is illegal. It will never be recognized. The signature of institutions and individuals of the partition agreement is invalid. It will not bind the Jewish people. Jerusalem was and will forever be our capital. Eretz Israel (the land of Israel) will be restored to the people of Israel, All of it. And forever.” Noam Chomsky, “The Fateful Triangle.”

“Joseph Weitz was the director of the Jewish National Land Fund…On December 19, 1940, he wrote: ‘It must be clear that there is no room for both peoples in this country…The Zionist enterprise so far…has been fine and good in its own time, and could do with ‘land buying’ – but this will not bring about the State of Israel; that must come all at once, in the manner of a Salvation (this is the secret of the Messianic idea); and there is no way besides transferring the Arabs from here to the neighboring countries, to transfer them all; except maybe for Bethlehem, Nazareth and Old Jerusalem, we must not leave a single village, not a single tribe’…There were literally hundreds of such statements made by Zionists.” Edward Said, “The Question of Palestine.”

“Following the outbreak of 1936, no mainstream (Zionist) leader was able to conceive of future coexistence without a clear physical separation between the two peoples – achievable only by transfer and expulsion. Publicly they all continued to speak of coexistence and to attribute the violence to a small minority of zealots and agitators. But this was merely a public pose..Ben Gurion summed up: ‘With compulsory transfer we (would) have a vast area (for settlement)…I support compulsory transfer. I don’t see anything immoral in it,’” Israel historian, Benny Morris, “Righteous Victims.”

“That Ben-Gurion’s ultimate aim was to evacuate as much of the Arab population as possible from the Jewish state can hardly be doubted, if only from the variety of means he employed to achieve his purpose…most decisively, the destruction of whole villages and the eviction of their inhabitants…even [if] they had not participated in the war and had stayed in Israel hoping to live in peace and equality, as promised in the Declaration of Independence.” Israeli author, Simha Flapan, “The Birth of Israel.”

“The acceptance of partition does not commit us to renounce Transjordan; one does not demand from anybody to give up his vision. We shall accept a state in the boundaries fixed today. But the boundaries of Zionist aspirations are the concern of the Jewish people and no external factor will be able to limit them.” David Ben-Gurion, in 1936, quoted in Noam Chomsky, “The Fateful Triangle.”

In Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharatt’s personal diaries, there is an excerpt from May of 1955 in which he quotes Moshe Dayan as follows: “[Israel] must see the sword as the main, if not the only, instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may, no – it must – invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation-and-revenge…And above all – let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries, so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space.” Quoted in Livia Rokach, “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism.”

“The Arabs will be our problem for a long time,” Weizmann said, “It’s not going to be simple.One day they may have to leave and let us have the country. They’re ten to one, but don’t we Jews have ten times their intelligence?” Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann in 1919 at the Paris peace conference, quoted in Ella Winter, “And Not To Yield.”


5 Responses to “Who wants to destroy who in the middle east?”

  1. 1 theradicalmormon March 25, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    Comments have to be moderated for a while now because Emanuel Appel has become a stalker zionist commenter with extremely innappropriate and immoral language.

  2. 2 Robbo March 27, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    It was a wise move to expell Emanuel Appel from this website.
    He has been thrown off many websites (Timesonline-David Aaronovitch and Gerard Baker to mention just two) for his ignorant, offensive and often racist remarks.
    One poster described Appel quite nicely as “a Zionist Nazi” and another likened him to “a drunken lout in the High Street on a Saturday night with a can of beer in his hand”.

  3. 3 theradicalmormon March 28, 2008 at 6:49 am

    Thanks for the heads up Robbo. It is good to know that this is not an isolated incident. His comments are not worthy of reply. He is not worthy for me to waste my breath on.

  4. 4 Curtis Faville April 16, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    I think it unlikely that those of Jewish descent will ever be peacefully integrated into the Moslem world which surrounds them. Endless historical and legalistic arguments can and will be wheeled out to justify the competing claims for autonomy by these factions. The plain fact is that the Jews aren’t going to leave Israel, and they won’t freely relinquish political control to Arabs. The Arabs/Muslims wish to see the State of Israel disappear, and the Jews effaced. Thus it has been, and will continue, to be a fight to the death. Whichever sentiment drives your partisanship, there can be no peaceful resolution. Will Israel persevere? Who can say? Should the U.S. provide unilateral support to Israel, as it has now for half a century? That decision should be based on the diplomatic interests of the U.S., but until the last decade, that hasn’t been the case. Our support of Israel autonomy is largely sentimental now. Personally, all my affiliations (including marriage) are with Jews, but I don’t fool myself into thinking that’s a defensible rationality. What will be, will be.

  5. 5 theradicalmormon April 17, 2008 at 3:33 am

    As for the Arabs/Muslins wishing to see the State of Israel disappear, I think that a careful study of Zionist thought and actions over the last hundred years shows that it has been the opposite: Israel has been seeking to expand in a manifest destiny that pushes all non-Jews out of its way, whether it be by so-called “transfer” out of Palestine, or by massacre as in the case of Deir Yassin in 1948. If Arabs want Israel to vanish as a state, it is only after Zionism declared over and over again that there would be no homeland for Arabs in Palestine.

    Otherwise, you seem to hold fairly sensible positions and seem to have somewhat of an understanding of the situation. What lacks in the average US citizen’s understanding of the situation is any shred of historical perspective and Zionist policy.

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