The desparation that exists in the minds of Palestinians, implanted by the Zionist occupation

With the recent murders at the Jewish seminary, the Mercaz Harav yeshiva, where 8 people were murdered by a Palestinian gunman, there was a disturbing reaction in Gaza.  The people took to the streets and celebrated this event.  Of course we in the west frown heavily on this jubilation over these murders, but it got me to thinking; what sort of state does the human mind have to be in order to celebrate this sort of blood shed? 

Well, for one thing, it turns out the yeshiva is involved in the settlements that are taking away Palestinian land for one thing:

After emphasizing the Jerusalem yeshiva’s central role in the creation of the settler movement, Napier pronounces sympathy for the joyful reactions to the terrorist attack among Palestinians in Gaza, saying “when one man strikes back against the most genocidal settler group it is bound to bring a grim satisfaction to those crouching under Israeli-imposed siege in the Gaza Killing Zone.”

But still, it was not as if it was a man defeating another man with his strength and skill on the wrestling mat.  We’re talking cold-blooded murder here.  Shouldn’t their reaction then be, not an indication of their barbarianism, or an indication of the psychopathic traits of their race or their religion, but a measurement of the stress and inhuman conditions they exist within?

Recently a doctor from Gaza had this to say:

A new intifada is around the corner. This time it will not be with stones and sticks. A chemical or nuclear intifada is not far. If there will be no [peace] agreement, chemical weapons will enter Gaza and will be used against Israel. People here are not normal anymore. They are not feeling like human beings. Everybody is so desperate that even 36% of children want to die to become shahids

To me this sounds more like the correct ingredients to a mind that demonstrates jubilation at such ghastly murders.  The Palestinians have watched murder and hunger and deprivations like never seen before on a daily basis with increasing magnitude over the last several decades.  Of late the carnage and repression perpetrated by the Israeli government is so bad that truly a generation of psychopathic killers are being fostered in Palestine. 

Noone in the world of any stature stands up for the rights of the Palestinians with any conviction.  Even Elyakatz commenting here notices that Arab peoples leave the Palestinians out to dry for all of their lip-service in support of the Palestinians.  Ahmadinejad of Iran too does a lot of talking, but where are the dollars to back up his words?  Where are the actions that will save the Palestinians?  The US is even worse though.  We give huge amounts of aid to Isreal in money and weapons (it is our F-16’s and helicopters that killed most of the people last week).  We even have our Presidential candidates taking the “love Israel” litmus test in order to receive AIPAC’s blessing in order to run for President of the USA!  Look here at what Obama told Israeli defense minister Livni by phone today:

A statement from his campaign said Obama “expressed condolences to the entire State of Israel for the attacks at Mercaz Harav yeshiva last week; underscored Israel’s right to defend itself, particularly against rocket attacks; outlined shared interest in ensuring Iran does not develop nuclear weapons and ended its support for terrorism; and expressed admiration and support for the ongoing commitment to negotiations with President Abbas.”

Where are his condolences for the 120 Palestinians killed before that?  Where is his support for the right of Palestine to defend itself against the occupiers?  Where is his concern for the nuclear weapons already held by Israel, let alone the mythical process of developing nukes in Iran?  Obviously, we are not all about democracy, justice, and freedom in the world or we would not see this man as a front runner for the President of the USA.  As we have seen, Ralph Nader is the only candidate brave enough to go against the grain of the jewish lobby in the USA currently.

By the way, if you want to see the huge amounts of money going to Israel (way higher than the money going to Palestine Elyakatz) go to the following excellent summary:


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