Someone at the UN speaks sense about the Israeli occupation of Palestine

Finally someone who speaks perfect sense at the UN regarding the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and its inevitable effect in promoting the rocket attacks from Gaza:

The council had been due to hear a report by UN special rapporteur John Dugard on the human rights situation in the occupied territories. This was delayed due to scheduling problems until the council’s next session in June.

In the report, which was put on the council’s website last week, Mr Dugard argues that acts of terrorism committed by Palestinians are an “inevitable consequence” of the Israeli occupation.

“While such acts cannot be justified, they must be understood as being a painful but inevitable consequence of colonialism, apartheid or occupation,” Mr Dugard writes.

He argues that a distinction must also be made between what the report calls the mindless terror of al-Qaeda and acts committed in a war against military occupation.

The report says violence will continue as long as Israel occupies Palestinian land, and that Israel cannot, therefore, set peace as a precondition for ending its occupation.

Israel has rejected the report as biased.

Of course Israel will reject this report as it would require them to cease their occupation, which they have refused to do despite numerous UN Security Council resolutions demanding they withdraw from the occupied lands immediately, and despite the opinion of the entire international community that they do so.


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