Obama censors his inner convictions again. Won’t talk to Hamas.

This is why I can’t stomach a vote for someone as promising to the general US public as Obama.  He refuses to talk to Hamas.  He says, “You can’t negotiate with somebody who does not recognize the right of a country to exist so I understand why Israel doesn’t meet with Hamas.” 

Now we know that in a recent poll, 64% of Israelis say they want their government to talk to Hamas to broker a peace deal.  We also know that no other nation in the world is asked to recognize the right of another country to exist.  We also know that the Israel currently exists as a Jewish state, which the US has long rejected since the time of Pres. Eisenhower, but now demands that Hamas recognize Israel as such.  A Jewish state by definition, will discriminate against any non-Jews in its borders and make them second class citizens and refuse the right of return of Palestinian refugees whom Israel expelled violently decades ago.

Obama is just like the rest of US politicians.  He’s a lackey for Israel, or at least for the Jewish lobby in the USA. 

Go Nader!



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