Abbas shows his atrophic guts and refuses Condoleeza Rice’s plea for resumption of peace talks

Good for Abbas.  He is one of the biggest suck-ups in the history of Palestine, but he is still able to allow a little of his blood to rise to the surface sufficient to stand up to Condoleeza Rice who is begging him to not let 120 Israelis murders of his people stand in the way of the peace process. 

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday refused pleas from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to return to peace talks with Israel, frustrating Bush administration officials who say that Mr. Abbas is allowing the militant Islamist organization, Hamas, to hijack the peace process through violence.

Rice told Abbas the she understands his difficult circumstances and that, “innocent people should not have to die.”  This is somewhat different from her famous “birth pangs” statement of the 2006 summer lebanon massacre.  Has she given birth in the interval?

As we learned recently, 64% of Israelis want their government to engage directly in talks with Hamas to broker a cease-fire.  Hamas has stated that they will talk to Israel for peace.  However, the Bush administration wants noone talking to Hamas (and as we learned yesterday, Obama won’t talk to them either).  Here is the childish explanation which the New York Times provides for us which is probably fairly accurate though its readers probably don’t understand the ramifications:

Ms. Rice’s trip comes at a difficult time, as she is trying to keep peace talks — which the Bush administration sees as its best chance for leaving a foreign policy legacy that reaches beyond the Iraq war — on track.

But highlighting the predicament in which the Bush administration has now found itself in as it tries to broker a Middle East peace deal, Ms. Rice has steadfastly refused to use the phrase “cease-fire,” even though several of America’s Arab allies, and even some Israelis, have said that what is needed is a negotiated end to hostilities between Hamas and Israel.

“I’m saying that we want the violence to stop,” Ms. Rice told reporters on her flight Monday as she headed to Egypt. “Call it what you will.”

Ms. Rice wants to avoid the word “cease-fire” because administration officials believe that a negotiated cease-fire between Israel and Hamas—which the United States and Israel view as a terrorist organization—would legitimize Hamas in the eyes of the Palestinian people.

The fear, administration officials said, is that a negotiated cease-fire would likely undermine Mr. Abbas and make it look like Hamas is the entity with which Israel and the West should be negotiating, and not Mr. Abbas.

Interesting that Rice is afraid that Hamas will become legitimized in the eyes of the Palestinian people.  What does she think the 2006 elections were all about when Hamas won a majority victory by the voice of the Palestinian people?  Seriously, not only is this administration blood-thirsty and without soul, it is also completely clueless.


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