Israeli minister confesses to genocidal intentions in Gaza. 31 Gazans massacred in 2 days to prove it, including babies and children.

I am sickened by the upsurge in Israeli murders of Palestinians and denounce it with the strongest possible feelings of my heart.  31 souls at least have been killed by the IDF since Wednesday, 2 days ago. 

Since Wednesday, 31 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli missile strikes, including 14 civilians, among them eight children, according to Palestinian officials. The youngest was a 6-month-old boy, Mohammed al-Borai, whose funeral was held Thursday.

Those killed include a 13 month old girl:

and a 6 month old boy as seen in this heart-wrenching story:

with several other children being killed as well, including 4 boys playing soccer and another onlooker:

Twelve people, including four children under 12, were killed in new Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip last Thursday. The four boys were playing in a refugee camp. Israel’s all too familiar spin claimed that they were among the “militants”.§ion=0&article=107359&d=1&m=3&y=2008

This horrible violence is taking place while the world stands by, barely whimpering in protest.  At the same time Israel grows bolder and bolder.  We see this as Matan Vilnai, deputy defence minister in Israel let slip what Israel is truly trying to do to Gaza.  He said, “The more qassam fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, they (the Palestinians) will bring upon themselves a bigger shoah (holocaust) because we will use all our might to defend ourselves.”

Isn’t that refreshing.  It sheds light on the true relationship between Israel (the new Nazis) and Palestine (the new Jews) as one involving genocide.  Thanks Vilnai, now we know Israel’s intentions at least.  This in spite of a recent poll in the Haaretz showing that 64% of Israelis want their government to talk with Hamas to negotiate peace.

Sixty-four percent of Israelis say the government must hold direct talks with the Hamas government in Gaza toward a cease-fire and the release of captive soldier Gilad Shalit. Less than one-third (28 percent) still opposes such talks.

Meanwhile, the USA continues to confound the world with its support of Israel in their murders:

In Tokyo, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met briefly with Olmert. She said the Hamas rocket attacks “need to stop,” but also expressed concern for the humanitarian situation in Gaza and urged calm on all sides.

“We have to remember that the Hamas activities there are responsible for what has happened in Gaza – the illegal coup that they led against the legitimate institutions of the Palestinian Authority,” she Rice told reporters after the meeting. “It is very clear where this started.”

Of course, this is a bold-faced lie.  Hamas was the elected authority and it was Fatah that illegally voted for a new government against the principles and guidlines of the Palestinian Constitution.  It is nice of her to express concern for the humanitarian situation in Gaza, but her words mean nothing.  Noone’s words mean nothing unless they condemn the brutal Israeli murders in the strongest terms possible. 

There has been some fear among the Democratic Jewish voting block that Barack Obama will not pimp well enough for Israel of late.  He has sought to allay their fears and seeks to build their confidence in him with this interview statement:

I know how much Israelis crave peace. I know that Prime Minister Olmert was elected with a mandate to pursue it. I pledge to make every effort to help Israel achieve that peace, although I will not try to dictate its terms.

The principles that will guide me are 1) that Israel’s security must be guaranteed; 2) that the status quo is unsustainable over time, and the best long-term guarantee of Israel’s security is a negotiated two-state solution with the Palestinians, if it can be achieved; and 3) that Israel has to remain a Jewish state and the Palestinian state must be viable.

But success is not guaranteed. Israel must have confidence that the Palestinian leadership is both committed to peace and is able to follow through on its commitments. So the approach we have to take with respect to negotiations is that you sit down and talk, but you have to suspend trust until you can see that the Palestinian side can follow through. That is a position I have consistently taken and will take with me to the White House.,7340,L-3512872,00.html

Can you feel the hypocrisy oozing from his lips as he sells his soul to the devil?  This is the man who once sat at the same table as Edward Said!  He says Israel must be recognized as a Jewish State!!!  I suppose he was censored then when he said that the minority Arab population within Israel’s borders can just go to hell then as second class citizens who do not hold the rights of the Jewish majority.  Why does a secure Israel matter so much more than a secure Palestine?  Who has less security now?  Shouldn’t we even out the playing field and grant more security to Palestine?  Barack Obama will be a failure as a President in the middle-east.  Ralph Nader is the only one who is currently speaking good sense on this issue.

I’ll end here today with these insightful words from Tariq Al-maeena

While in Jerusalem recently, the US leader outlined his two-state vision that, critically translated, means the recognition of Israeli West Bank colonization, the preservation of Israel’s right to discriminate against non-Jews, and the creation of more sealed-off, “autonomous” Palestinian homelands.

This is in sharp contrast to the recent impatience demonstrated by the Americans and the EU to amputate a portion of a UN member state and accede to the demands of the Kosovar Albanians, who after having enjoyed almost nine years of UN administration and NATO protection, couldn’t be expected to wait any longer for their freedom, while the Palestinians, under a brutal occupation for over 40 years, are told that “any Palestinian independence, to be recognized and legally effective, must still be directly negotiated, on a wildly unequal bilateral basis, between the occupying power and the occupied people — and must be agreed to by the occupying power.”

This clearly demonstrates that for the US and the EU, the rights and wishes of a long-suffering and brutalized people, as well as international law, are irrelevant and these governments have shown unlimited and remarkable patience when it comes to condoning the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

Virtually every legal resident of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip seeks freedom from occupation — and has for over 40 years. For doing so, they are punished, sanctioned, besieged, humiliated and, day after endless day, killed by those who claim to occupy the moral high ground.§ion=0&article=107359&d=1&m=3&y=2008


5 Responses to “Israeli minister confesses to genocidal intentions in Gaza. 31 Gazans massacred in 2 days to prove it, including babies and children.”

  1. 1 elyakatz March 11, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    Regarding the alleged “confession” by MK Vilnai, I have looked into this and there is no proof that Vilnai actually used the word “HaShoah” which would mean “The Holocaust”. Furthermore, there is no proof he even used the word “shoah” which in Hebrew merely means destruction. He spoke on Army radio. Read this article by The Spectator, Melanie Phillips:

    Comment copied and archived by Elya Katz

  2. 2 theradicalmormon March 11, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    I read the article and it does not dispute that Vilnai used the word, “shoah”. I would accept that he didn’t intend to say the literal translation for the word we know as “holocaust.” I dislike translations that are distorted for the purposes of a political agenda. On the other hand, surely a “disaster” is being caried out on the heads of the Palestinian people.

    A good example of a mistranslation that is being used to build up support for a political agenda (namely, to go to war with Iran) is the mistranslation of the “wipe off the map” comment by Iran’s president. Totally blown out of proportion to mean something that the President never said, and completely inconsistent with the rest of his comments on the subject of Israel.

  3. 3 elyakatz March 12, 2008 at 12:14 am

    I’ve wondered about whether Ahmadinejad is being translated accurately. I have an Iranian friend with whom I plan on discussing this.

    I personally believe that there are elitists within all the governments of this world that have a vested interest in getting us all to fight with each other. The problem is, radical Islam is an easy religion to exploit for this purpose, with it’s intense views of “face” and “honor”.

    While it is true that The Spectator Article does not dispute that Vilnai used the word “shoah, a gentleman visited my blog shortly after the incident, and mentioned that there are no transcripts that he’s been able to get hold of with the actual recording of Vilnai, who spoke on the Army Radio in Israel. He would translate it if he could get a copy. He was speculating on more likely choices of words on the part of Vilnai. He didn’t know whether reports of Vilnai threatening a holocaust were true or not, but doubted it. You can read his comments if you would like, on my blog at His username is danny1975. He has sound reasons for doubting that Vilnai used such supercharged language, but won’t make a commitment either way.

    If Vilnai did use the word, “holocaust” most Israelis would want him sacked, for more reasons than political ones. In Israel, “The Holocaust” is not something thrown around lightly. Most Israelis would consider such usage to be disrespectful to the memories of the victims of the Holocaust. One MK doesn’t make Israeli policy, in any case. Israeli leaders are in constant consultation with legal authorities prior to making any military moves, to make sure they stay within the confines of International Law. I firmly believe Israel does all it can to reduce civilian casualties. The high rate of casualties have more to do with Hamas than Israel.

    I can’t agree that Israelis aren’t within their rights to threaten a disaster when a hostile entity harasses them day and night. All nations have a right to self-defense. While I realize that the Gazans are very possibly experiencing a disaster, it is my opinion that this disaster is largely one of their own creation. Their constant belligerence towards Israel brings this down on their heads. If they would just live their lives and stop threatening and attempting annihilation of the Israelis, the bloodshed would stop.

    I understand your bias. I have mine. Besides the rockets destroying communities such as Sderot, Israelis put up with constant theft, vandalism, drive-by shootings on nearly all their roads and freeways, on a daily basis, all sorts of crime on the part of the Arabs from the PA. They will steal sheep, crops, beehives, cars; whatever they can get their hands on. This was NOT the case prior to the Oslo accords. There was some theft and vandalism to be sure, but it has increased to intolerable levels since Arafat and company arrived on the scene. I was there prior to these thugs arriving, and I watched as the situation deteriorated rapidly once they were given a piece of “the action”.

    The PA is receiving the highest amount of foreign aid from the US per capita of any country in the world. What do the leaders of the PA do with it? Ask Suha Arafat why she is so rich in France, and you will be enlightened. The people of the West Bank and Gaza certainly don’t see any of this money.

    The fact of the matter is, there were several sovereign nations that were created right alongside Israel. Thus, if the defenders of the Arabs of Palestine claim that Israel is not a legitimate entity by means of the United Nations, then neither is Lebanon, Syria or Jordan, and if you go back a few more years, we could question several other Arab nations’ existence. Much of the Middle East’s borders are creations of French and British Mandates. The vast majority of these creations were Muslim. Only two were not: Lebanon, which was Christian with a Muslim minority at one time, and Israel, Jewish with a Muslim minority. The Jihadis can’t abide non-Muslim nations in the Middle East. So they agitate themselves and everyone else, like a spoiled child, until they get their way.

    The Arab world has tremendous lands, money and resources, and they could be of assistance to their Palestinian brethren, but they choose to allow these people to suffer in order that they can pin the blame on Israel.

    Humanitarian aid is being sent into Gaza via Israel. What is Egypt doing???

    Copy archived by Elya Katz 11 March 08

  4. 4 theradicalmormon March 12, 2008 at 6:34 am

    The mistranslation of Ahmadinejad has been published for a while now. You can find some information on it here:

    and here:

    Your assertions that Palestinians receive more aid per capita from the USA are blatantly false. For statistics showing that this is actually Israel’s lonely distinction and not Palestine’s see here:

    and here:

    This last document points out that much of the money for 2006 was returned when Hamas won the election (45 million of 50 million given). Also, the money given to the PA in 2007 went to training the PA’s military wing for the coup that we now know was encouraged by the US over the democratically elected Hamas government:

    “In 2007, the Bush Administration provided a total of $59 million to
    Palestinian President Abbas, of which $43 million was used for training and non-lethal assistance to the Palestinian Presidential Guard…”

    For the story on from Vanity Fair on the US support for the coup, including its promises of financial aid for Fatah, see here:

    Your other assertions need addressing as well, but this is all I have time for now. Perhaps you should read my post on the history of the Zionist movement in Israel in order to learn some of the ugly history of Israel that you may not be aware of:

  5. 5 elyakatz March 12, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    On the foreign aid question, I checked my sources and wish to make a retraction: The Palestinians are not the recipients of the most US foreign aid per capita.

    They do receive foreign aid from mulitiple sources however, unlike Israel, which receives most of it’s foreign aid from the US. So, when all the foreign aid from the Palestinians receive worldwide is added up, they are indeed the largest per capita recipient of foreign aid — period.

    Israel receives most of its foreign aid from the US, and spends most of this foreign aid in the US, which bolsters the US economy.

    Here is my source for these facts:

    copy archived 12 March 08

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