Israelis want talks with Hamas… the people, not the government. The NYTimes reports on the situation distortedly as usual.

The only “democracy” in the middle east has shown it’s democratic will in a new poll recently:

A majority of Israelis want their government to hold talks with the Hamas militants who control the Gaza Strip, a poll showed yesterday.

Israel has been working to isolate Hamas since the Islamic group came to power in Gaza in June, 2007, and has said talks with the group won’t be possible until it recognize Israel, renounces violence and observes signed peace agreements. Hamas has been labeled a terror organization by Israel, the US and EU.

But the poll, carried out by the Dialog company and published in the Haaretz daily, showed that 64 percent of Israelis believe Israel should talk to Hamas now to bring a halt to ongoing rocket barrages fired by Gaza militants at Israeli towns and to win the release of a captured soldier.

The soldier, Gilad Schalit, was seized in June, 2006 by Hamas militants and has been held in Gaza since then as talks on a prisoner swap have stalled.

Only 28 percent of Israelis reject talks with Hamas, according to the poll. The poll included 500 respondents and had a margin of error of 4 percent.

Of course, Israel is no more a democracy than say… the New York Times reports Palestinian issues fairly.

The recent increase in attacks on Gaza, with 11 killed recently in Gaza have brought articles out of the NYTimes that speak condoningly of Israeli reprisal for Gazan militant attacks or terrorist attacks with weapons “made in Iran.”

Why don’t we see articles that say something like this:

“Today, Gaza forces fired more rockets into Israel in retaliation for the terrorist attacks of Israeli militants, with mostly negligable results.  The Israeli weapons were made in the United States according to a Gaza government official who spoke anonymously as he was not authorized to release such information.” 

“Terrorist attacks from Israeli terrorists have killed several hundred people in Gaza this year so far and the civilian population continue to express their frustration at the inneffective response of Gazan forces in stopping the barrage of assaults from north of their border.” 


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