Iran behind the 1994 Argentina Jewish Community Center bombing? Think again.

There is a very nice article in The Nation by Gareth Porter, which addresses the new drive from Bush to blame Iran for the bombing of the Jewish Community Center in Argentina in order to prove that Iran is a very bad country and that we probably need to drop nuclear weapons on them at some future point.  The article shows how flimsy the evidence is that Iran or Hezbollah had anything remotely to do with this disgusting act.  Check it out here:

“After spending several months interviewing officials at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires familiar with the Argentine investigation, the head of the FBI team that assisted it and the most knowledgeable independent Argentine investigator of the case, I found that no real evidence has ever been found to implicate Iran in the bombing. Based on these interviews and the documentary record of the investigation, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the case against Iran over the AMIA bombing has been driven from the beginning by US enmity toward Iran, not by a desire to find the real perpetrators.”


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