Israel kills more Palestinians and the Israeli blockade continues to verge on a humanitarian disaster

In a new incursion, the Israeli Defense Forces have killed 6 Palestinians who are called, “militants” by most news reporting agencies:$1184094.htm

which agencies make it sort of sound like it was the fault of the “militants” since they were firing on the IDF in the first place, never mind that this is occupied territory and the Israeli Forces have killed scores of Palestinians in recent days while not a single casualty has occurred among the Israelis.

Another news source calls the deceased, “citizens” who were killed while IDF were razing homes in Gaza:

In the meantime the humanitarian disaster caused by Israel’s blockade of Gaza continues to unfold with sewer and sanitation backups which could become the deadliest problem of all:

“More than 1.4 million Gaza Palestinians are facing an impending health disaster from decaying sewage and water systems that lack vital spare parts, fuel, and maintenance work, due to an Israeli economic siege on the Gaza Strip.

“We are a one-generator-failure away from disaster,” Michael Bailey, an Oxfam spokesman, told the Middle East Times.

“The situation is verging on critical. There are 35 sewage pumping stations operational in Gaza. If one of the pumps breaks there is no way to replace it, because of a lack of spare parts,” said Bailey, whose organization works with Gaza’s Coastal Municipalities Water Utilities. “This would mean sewage backing into homes and onto the streets and the resulting health problems associated with it.”


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