Why does Iran not like us? Here’s another reason.

So, if you still wonder why people in Iran might have cause to dislike the USA (after telling you about the coup the US instigated in the 1950’s and the USA’s support of the oppressive Shah and our refusal to extradite him to face charges in Iran after the revolution), perhaps the following rather amazing little bit of US secret combination dirt might help:

“The Reagan administration, in effect, decided to undertake a secret war…Heavily armed U.S. Special Operations helicopters, stealthy, sophisticated killing machines that could operate by day or night, were ordered to the Persian Gulf. Their mission was to destroy any Iranian gunboats they could find. Other small, swift American vessels, posing as commercial ships, lured Iranian naval vessels into international waters to attack them…”

“Beginning in July 1987, the CIA also began sending covert spy plans and helicopters over Iranian bases. Several engaged in secret bombing runs…In September 1987, a special operations helicopter attacked an Iranian mine-laying ship…”

“The Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency dispatched additional officers to Baghdad…they were planning day-by-day strategic bombing strikes for the Iraqi Air Force…in a twenty-four hour period, U.S. forces sank or demolished a destroyer and a couple of frigates, which represented half the Iranian navy.”

“If Saddam had not ultimately prevailed, the Pentagon had prepared an even more ambitious strategy: to launch an attack against the Iranian mainland. “The real plans were for a secret war, with the U.S. on the side of Iraq against Iran…” said retired Lieutenant Colonel Roger Charles, who was serving in the office of the secretary of defense at the time. This was confirmed by Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons, who was commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. As he put it, “We were prepared, I would say at the time, to drill them back to the fourth century.”

“Relatively cooler heads prevailed. According to Richard Armitage, who at the time was assistant secretary of defense, “The decision was made not to completely obliterate Iran…However, had things not gone well in the Gulf, I’ve no doubt that we would have put those plans into effect.”



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