B’Tselem: 373 Palestinians killed by Israelis in 2007.

The latest annual report from B’Tselem is in and the highlights include: 

  • In 2007, there was an increase of 13 percent in the number of Palestinians held in administrative detention without trial, which averaged 830 people.
  • Sixty-six staffed checkpoints and 459 physical roadblocks on average controlled movement inside the West Bank. There was little improvement in Palestinians’ freedom of movement, despite the promised easing of restrictions.
  • Israeli settlement population grew by 4.5 percent (compared with 1.5 percent population growth inside Israel), a more moderate increase than the previous year.
  • Israel continues the freeze policy on family unification, denying tens of thousands of Palestinians the right to a family life. However, in what was termed a one-time gesture, Israel approved family unification for some 3,500 Palestinian families.
  • The number of houses demolished in East Jerusalem rose by 38 percent, to 69 homes.
  • Palestinians continue to face severe discrimination in the allocation of water in the West Bank, causing serious hardship in the summer.
  • The number of Palestinians killed in intra-Palestinian clashes was the highest throughout the intifada.

Read more of B’Tselem’s report at:



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