Bhutto’s niece lays it all out for us. Why did we support this woman again?

Though I am rather poorly informed in the politics of Pakistan, I know that something is fishy when the US backs a candidate in the interest of “democracy.”  Therefore, I wasn’t suprised to learn of a rather flagrant history of corruption and theft of the Pakistani people by the Benevolent Benazir.

There was a rather nice op-ed in the LA Times 12/13/07 by the late Bhutto’s niece who apparently has good reason to dislike her aunt. 

“Ms. Bhutto’s political posturing is sheer pantomime. Her negotiations with the military and her unseemly willingness until just a few days ago to take part in Musharraf’s regime have signaled once and for all to the growing legions of fundamentalists across South Asia that democracy is just a guise for dictatorship.”

“It is widely believed that Ms. Bhutto lost both her governments on grounds of massive corruption. She and her husband, a man who came to be known in Pakistan as “Mr. 10%,” have been accused of stealing more than $1 billion from Pakistan’s treasury. She is appealing a money-laundering conviction by the Swiss courts involving about $11 million. Corruption cases in Britain and Spain are ongoing.”

For the rest of this nice piece of writing see:,0,80799,print.story?coll=la-opinion-center

Does anyone else feel a bit strange about Bhutto’s 19 year old son (who apparently doesn’t even speak the national language in Pakistan and has lived most of his life outside of Pakistan) and corrupt thief and felon husband (who has spent years behind bars for his theft of the Pakistani people) picking up the baton to lead this so-called “democratic” movement?  Dynasties are usually not good models on which to build democracy.  Of course the US is backing this move 100%.  Bhutto’s husband has a proven track record of being easily influenced by money and power and the US can easily use him as a tool.  What a messy sounding situation. 


1 Response to “Bhutto’s niece lays it all out for us. Why did we support this woman again?”

  1. 1 live7n January 1, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Dynasties are usually not good models on which to build democracy.
    I agree that but Vote bank politics highly depends on the Dynasties.

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