Recognition of a Jewish State? Truman was opposed to it.

So it appears now that Barak Obama supports the acceptance of Israel as a “Jewish State.”  This is also one of the conditions requested of Palestine by the so-called “Quartet.”  Speaking to AIPAC recently Obama said: “The Palestinians would have to reinterpret the notion of right of return in a way that would preserve Israel as a Jewish state. It might involve compensation and other concessions from the Israelis but ultimately Israel is not going to give up its state.”

Interestingly, I came across this document, found in the National Archives by Lawrence of Cyberia:

If you can’t see this go to:

This shows that Truman changed the wording of the document to show acceptance of the state of Israel, not a Jewish State.  Interesting.

Here are some very good articles on why it is difficult indeed, not only for Palestine to accept Israel as a Jewish State, but why it is difficult for them to recognize Israel’s right to exist at all:


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